The days of an abundant free moving internet are long gone. Those were the days before the monopolies took over every facet of peoples lives, and dictated their Soviet propaganda messages daily. You could say anything, download anything, upload anything and no one would bat an eyelid. It was a beautiful time, sadly long lost. The internet at that time was truly an oasis of abundant knowledge, intellectual thought and free speech.  Those days are now a digital memory fading in a dead server somewhere.

After the tech monopolies grew, the free internet effectively died and their totalitarian Soviet message of socialist realism became prominent.

Soviet censorship techniques

During the Soviet era in Russia, the Glavlit would be in charge of all censorship of literature, and the monopoly internet companies today are taking up this same Soviet technique of mass censorship to control speech and instil a socialist narrative point of indoctrination.

Even discussing a forbidden topic on a monopoly tech site today is forbidden, where the user is pilloried, then targeted by the socialist mob, finally resulting in complete deletion.

Is it communism or fascism? One could say both dualities used this form of censorship, and as the Soviets in Russia burned all books written before the cultural revolution, so did the Fascists once they came to power.


The monopoly tech companies, primarily zoned in the San Francisco area, are now overlords over all literature on the internet and their allegiance to Chinese Soviet censorship is all too apparent, seeing as the Russians are no longer a Soviet state officially.

Sadly, with the purge of free speech, satire will no doubt suffer. We have already been censored many times, but we struggle on despite the totalitarian censorship purely for our love of the genre. When they completely delete us as well, no one will bat an eyelid, for they will be looking out for themselves. We are now severely restricted in writing our satire anyway, and cannot write as much as we used to. Satire, a once protected genre, is sadly a prisoner to totalitarian politically correct Soviet rules.


The climate of fear now clouding the internet is as real as a dirty sock dipped in mud and sweat and extracted from a dustbin somewhere in Tbilisi. This stench of fear threatens the livelihoods of thousands, millions of people across the net now who could be purged at any moment.

Is there an escape from this horrible controlled malaise? Yes, of course there is, but no politician seems to have the balls to confront the monopoly tech companies, and it is this silence which could eventually bring upon the end of the politicians themselves. Trump beware.

Since 2008 and the Obama presidency, censorship in all media has increased, and even as he left office censorship levels increased incrementally. Obama’s Soviet Chinese censorship push was partly funded and controlled by various arms of the Open Society Foundations as well as the CCP, through shell companies.

Legally, these social network monopolies are exercising editorial control over their users, in a biased manner, therefore they cannot claim impartiality. By targeting conservative and libertarian voices on their networks specifically, and letting leftwing users off who post overt calls to violence against conservatives, then they are legally liable for what is posted on their platform.

To target websites or people purely on their political beliefs by using Soviet censorship techniques is a tried and trusted method of winning elections, and the monopoly tech companies affiliated with the socialist American Democrat party are ensuring there is a clear path to winning the next election simply by deleting the opposition.

How is what Louis Farrakhan says about Jews not hate speech? Why are his videos preaching hate against Jews and the government still on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all the other tech monopoly sites? He is untouched by the tech conglomerates solely because he is black and protected under socialist principles. This example, however, is a sure sign example of bias, and editorial control. The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is now very mouldy.

The Daily Squib are mere observers, mirrors to events, we see what is going on, we have no affiliation to any political construct of left or right, or any party, or any religion.