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In Defence of Boris Johnson – Burqa Not Mentioned Once in Quran

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson is now being investigated for his comments on women wearing the Burqa.

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We all know the reason why Boris Johnson is now being targeted for his comments on women wearing the Burqa, a garment that covers the body from head to toe.

This is obviously coming from the Theresa May crew of Remainers who wish to get him out of the way, considering the current climate of weakness in the PM’s premiership and a leadership contest over the hill.

Firstly, the DS does not subscribe to any religion, political party, so is looking at this in a completely objective manner.

The Burqa

The Burqa is a cultural tradition from Arabia spanning hundreds of years. It is also a particular preference for a woman to wear a Burqa, and nothing to do with the Quran, or Islam, or being a Muslim.

The Quran simply states for women in public to cover the cleavage as a point of modesty, and if a woman is particularly beautiful, to cover her hair and legs in public, so as not to enflame male virility.

In fact, it is illegal for female pilgrims to wear the Burqa to the holy pilgrimage of the Hajj in Mecca.

In Middle Eastern and Asian countries many businesses refuse entry for Burqa clad women purely for security reasons as many robberies have been committed by men wearing Burqas. Wearing a Burqa by a man is also a good cover to get into Hammams (bath houses) so they can check out the women.

In the West, there is no reason for women to wear the Burqa other than an advertisement of their affiliation to Islam, although in reality, there is none, and it is purely a cultural throwback to 400 years in the past. In effect, these women reject Western culture and how Western women display their bodies in public, and are displaying this rejection in full view of the Western population. It’s basically a way of saying I am better than you, to other women.

Therefore, the tool of utilising the Burqa question to get at Boris Johnson is quite ridiculous. The Remoaners, and May sycophants are simply utilising this false outrage as a means to knife BoJo and preserve May’s failing prime ministership.

It is, of course, the right of any woman to wear what she wants, however, it is also the right for anyone to comment on someone’s attire without prosecution, or persecution, however offensive it may be deemed.

One should not be offended if someone does not agree with someone’s garment. It is simply a garment and the Burqa has no religious connotations whatsoever.

Mr. Boris Johnson is seen as a threat to Theresa May’s position as PM and her planned BRINO, therefore it is quite obvious they are using ludicrous reasons to get rid of him.

Note to Mr. Johnson, be very careful in what you say, because these days anything can be twisted around and used against you in the name of ‘hate speech’. This Orwellian, Soviet technique to discredit is nothing new, however we are seeing another resurgence.

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