Suddenly after the purge of a certain site from all known major traffic zones on the internet, there seems to be a strange quiet settling over the place.


“Every day I would go onto YouTube to watch my favourite videos about people unboxing the latest gadgets and be accosted by videos of an angry maniac spitting fury in every direction, or one of his minions sheepishly babbling on in a cheap suit. Now that’s all gone. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief,” one internet user opined.

On Facebook, things are very quiet. You just get articles from CNN on a constant loop and no talk about how fluoridated water is making Americans into dumbed down imbeciles or other not very salubrious stories instilling fear into the population.

Soon, thanks to our tech overlords, the internet will be a squeaky clean safe space, where no one discusses anything apart from the latest cat video meme doing the rounds. Aaaah!

The internet is finally a clean safe space…Aaaah!

The truth is, it was getting a little too much, and having the lights switched off at that site is rather delightsome to some internet users.

“It was all about fear. Constant fear, and I gotta thank Google and all the other companies that deleted that troublesome old nitter natter from the internets. By golly, it’s so quiet now on the internet that one can hear a pin drop somewhere in Thailand, and I’m in San Francisico,” another internet user wrote on their blog.

Everywhere, sparkling little posies pop up from the fluffy clouds streaming through the internet-verse, and there is no sound of the loudmouth projecting angry fearful headlines, no, just the gentle sound of a breeze blowing through the curtains.

The thing is though, who is next to fight? There always has to be a bad guy, and if all the question makers have all gone, then what will be left? Aaah…nevermind. Just flip on the tube and forget about it all.