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Theresa May Counting Days Till She Has Permanent Vacation

LONDON - England - The PM, Theresa May is eagerly counting the days until she has a permanent vacation.

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This summer holiday recess from parliament has been rather tiresome for Theresa May.

Sadly, Mrs. May cut short her summer hols for a bit of brown nosing by gate crashing the holidays of French PM, Macron and a few other EU leaders in the Continent.

“Theresa May, in pure desperation put it upon herself to ruin the French PM’s summer holiday, as well as other prominent EU leaders, by trying to bypass EU negotiator, Michel Barnier. She just turned up and started talking about Brexit, which of course was a major downer,” one insider revealed.

One can imagine the French PM thinking he is away from the baying proles for a few weeks to see one turn up at his door begging for some trade deal here or there.

“Who is at the front gates? It better be my special male companion and bodyguard. Ah merde, the British prime minister? Double merde!”

Naturally, it all backfired, and has not only undermined her position even more than is so, but the EU leaders came back and revealed they will go with Michel Barnier after all.

So much for trying to bypass Barnier Mrs. May, you have now made his hand even stronger and it is only a matter of time till the PM takes a permanent vacation away from Brexit and her failed premiership.

Vote of no confidence winds blow in the wind of discontent back home..

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