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Liam Gallagher Stops Gig to Give Away Some Bananas

BURROS - Spain - Pop singer, Liam Gallagher sang at a Spanish music festival and gave away some of his bananas to the attending crowd.

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Liam Gallagher’s busy summer took him to a Spanish Festival in the countryside on Saturday, where he cut short an Oasis classic to give away some of his vast banana cache which he keeps on stage at all times.

Gallagher’s manager, Paddy O’Brian, was insistent that the gig carried on despite the singer’s generosity.

“Bananas are his fuel. He can’t go anywhere without his bananas, even when he’s swinging from the rafters at home in Primrose Hill. As a gesture to the appreciative audience, Liam took it upon himself to give away some of his banana stash to the audience. The joy of the crowd was amazing, they peeled the bananas and ate them up whilst trying to sing Wonderwall.”

You can check out some fan-shot footage on YouTube somewhere.

Liam, who was fresh from his “best family holiday evah” in Magaluf is currently working on the follow-up to number one solo debut album Peel My Banana.

Mancunian, Gallagher, who hails from Manchester, likes all things simian, and even has adopted a primate style of walking, as well as a devout love of bananas.

“It’s like a religion, innit. Bananas in the morning, bananas for lunch, and bananas for supper. As for High Tea, banana tea,” Liam Gallagher grunted to Melody Maker magazine in July.

Later on after the concert, Liam took a tour of a banana orchard where the owner reported the singer ate half his crop, then climbed a tree refusing to come down.

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