#metoo Trump is Probably Next On the List

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - As the bloodletting continues for some men in power, is Donald Trump next?

As a ploy, this is a carefully orchestrated operation. Ruin the careers of long since retired or passed on gents who worked in certain positions during the 70s, 80s, 90s by bringing out a string of females with a bone to grind and a Twitter account.

Trial by Twitter is now a very real thing, where your reputation can be sullied with just a few characters, who needs a court of law or a workplace tribunal? Twitter, and select media venues are now used for complete assassinations, thirty year careers thrown into the bubbling sewers with a few mere clicks.

“I didn’t want to sit on his lap, but I did.” Of course she did, she had to sit on his lap because he was the rising star of the news team, rising in more ways than one. Naturally, she was disgusted when her pert buttocks landing engineered a stiff one in the old chappy. She could have easily refused to sit on the guy’s lap but where would be the fun in that? Ok, the guy was an idiot for endangering his career but why did she not bring up the issue at the time? Because it would mess with her career, who wants a disruptive tribunal? Why not wait twenty years and destroy by media?

This latest operation is most certainly being orchestrated by the extreme left Marxists of the good ol’ US of A, as it has that sort of Soviet feminist axe grind feel to it. Soros, Hillary, and the multiple outraged non-Trump supporters are setting up the playbook for a very important hit — the Teflon Don.

One may also notice that these current lambs to the slaughter are elite discards, that is to say, they are sacrificial offerings from the lowest tier. The upper echelons are above all law, but sometimes there has to be a few offerings to the circus lions from the top table. Either that, or the spotlight might fall on the top of the pyramid.

One thing is for sure, somewhere along the line, these chumps offended the wrong person at the wrong time.

Sacrificial lambs

You see, by ruining all the reputations of multiple men online without trial, who is to say they can’t do it to the one they hate the most, the prez.

We already know the Don likes to grab a woman by the pussy, so this revelation gives us an understanding that there are further gems waiting in storage by his enemies to be released.

Trump, who himself is a heavy Twitter user will no doubt be drawn in to the new details which will be published soon. He can’t help himself, and will further draw his own execution via media.

Can the Teflon Don survive such a well orchestrated media onslaught as the various women are trotted out with little stories to tell and their #metoo tags?

That all depends on his followers and as good Christians whether they can forgive such behaviour? The Don has already come so far, and kudos to him, he has weathered the storm, but his enemies are now playing the long game, and this recent event against men in positions of power is a set-up, leading to the biggest prize of all, Trump.