President Trump Inaugurates “Grab a Woman by the P*ssy Day”

NEW JERSEY - USA - Newly elected republican president, Donald Trump, after his spectacular November election win, has designated July 27 as 'Grab a Woman by the Pussy Day' across the whole nation.


Speaking in New Jersey where president Trump was visiting a woman’s lingerie manufacturing company, he said:

“I just grabbed the lady CEO’s pussy. I’m meeting the British PM, Theresa May in London, England next week and I’m gonna grab her by the pussy too. I might need both hands for Angela Merkel who I’m meeting after. You know I like to do that.

“Grabbing women by the pussy is every man’s God given right, and listen to me, I’m making it official, as president I want a day dedicated to this act.”

Orders have been put through that July 27 should be ‘Grab a Woman by the Pussy day ‘.

This presidential decree means it will be sanctioned by the White House to grab any woman by the pussy on July 27.

Don’t forget to take your tic tacs.