Impoverished Russia: Soon the Bear Will Lash Out in Desperation

MOSCOW - Russia - Could Putin come out of the cold? It is not too late to make the right decision for the Russian people.



The data does not look good. Here is a strongman, Putin, seemingly fearless standing over his foes and adversaries, and yet his country’s economy resembles a ruined pile of smouldering rubles.

Sanctions and low oil prices have seriously weakened Russia, and its economy. According to the World Bank the Russian economy has plummeted by over 40% since last year. Cut off from the global economy, the Russians are being starved out of their obstinate stupor by global restrictions and other methods of withholding economic sustenance.

As is the case in most semi-totalitarian states, the military always comes first, therefore Putin is putting his all behind funding his war chest, however, if the economic decline continues, this strategy will suffer too. Keeping jets in the air is not cheap, and missiles can cost more than a Russian citizen earns in a lifetime.

Unfortunately for Putin, this is the cost of being a maverick in a globalised world where all is entwined.

Since the Ukrainian incident, Putin has been the bad boy, but there is still a way back from the desert if he so wishes to comply.

Putin therefore has two choices only, stand his ground like a good Russian and wait for war, or rejoin the globalists, albeit at the back of the queue. By rejoining, Putin would be on probation for some time, and he may have to give up Syria and Ukraine, but at least Russia’s economy would once again regain its zing.

The choice is yours Vlad, death or life.