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Impoverished Russia: Soon the Bear Will Lash Out in Desperation

MOSCOW - Russia - Could Putin come out of the cold? It is not too late to make the right decision for the Russian people.

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The data does not look good. Here is a strongman, Putin, seemingly fearless standing over his foes and adversaries, and yet his country’s economy resembles a ruined pile of smouldering rubles.

Sanctions and low oil prices have seriously weakened Russia, and its economy. According to the World Bank the Russian economy has plummeted by over 40% since last year. Cut off from the global economy, the Russians are being starved out of their obstinate stupor by global restrictions and other methods of withholding economic sustenance.

As is the case in most semi-totalitarian states, the military always comes first, therefore Putin is putting his all behind funding his war chest, however, if the economic decline continues, this strategy will suffer too. Keeping jets in the air is not cheap, and missiles can cost more than a Russian citizen earns in a lifetime.

Unfortunately for Putin, this is the cost of being a maverick in a globalised world where all is entwined.

Since the Ukrainian incident, Putin has been the bad boy, but there is still a way back from the desert if he so wishes to comply.

Putin therefore has two choices only, stand his ground like a good Russian and wait for war, or rejoin the globalists, albeit at the back of the queue. By rejoining, Putin would be on probation for some time, and he may have to give up Syria and Ukraine, but at least Russia’s economy would once again regain its zing.

The choice is yours Vlad, death or life.

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  1. Even in 1987 we never queued for bread.Actually speaking, now we live comfortably as never before. During the Soviet Russia we lacked consumer goods, but had a lot of social benefits, during the times of Eltsin and Gorbachev we went through hell, trying naively to join the globalists. We will never again stick our head in the trap. You’ d better think of your own future,not Putin’s. EC is going to pieces, and US with their elections demonstrate to the amazed world its false democracy

  2. The Daily Squid work for CIA or is that your MI6? Propaganda fool no one. Russia most beautiful country in world.

    • In this cesspool I only came here because in the Russian segment of LiveJournal, one user, have read and quoted this journalistic crap, and it’s angered me with his lies.
      And now I want to know: UK wants to attack my home? If Yes, then do not blame me. Russian do not surrender. Never.

  3. In mother Russia we have saying “Lick my testicule it freezing outside” do you Anglo Saxons have such saying? HAH


  4. The Russians will ultimately fail in their imperialistic fervour. Why they will fail is easy to answer. When it comes to war, they do not have the advanced weaponry of the West. We are developing killing machinery that is 75 years ahead of Russian technology now. Just because we have not revealed it does not mean it does not exist. If Russia wants to play games let them. You and your little leader are toast.

  5. “A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin walked from the Big Kremlin Palace to his Residence. At one of the Kremlin squares, the president stopped to chat with the tourists. Among them was a boy aged 4 or 5.

    ‘What is your name?’ Putin asked.

    ‘Nikita,’ the boy replied.

    Putin knee[le]d, lifted the boy’s T-shirt and kissed his stomach.

    The world public is shocked. Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.

    The explanation may be found if we look carefully at the so-called ‘blank spots’ in Putin’s biography.

    After graduating from the Andropov Institute, which prepares officers for the KGB intelligence service, Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence. Instead, he was sent to a junior position in KGB Leningrad Directorate. This was a very unusual twist for a career of an Andropov Institute’s graduate with fluent German. Why did that happen with Putin?

    Because, shortly before his graduation, his bosses learned that Putin was a pedophile [sic]. So say some people who knew Putin as a student at the Institute.

    The Institute officials feared to report this to their own superiors, which would cause an unpleasant investigation. They decided it was easier just to avoid sending Putin abroad under some pretext. Such a solution is not unusual for the secret services. Many years later, when Putin became the FSB director and was preparing for the presidency, he began to seek and destroy any compromising materials collected against him by the secret services over earlier years. It was not difficult, provided he himself was the FSB director. Among other things, Putin found videotapes in the FSB Internal Security directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys.

    Interestingly, the video was recorded in the same conspiratorial flat in Polyanka Street in Moscow where Russian Prosecutor-General Yuri Skuratov was secretly video-taped with two prostitutes. Later, in the famous scandal, Putin… blackmailed Skuratov with these tapes and tried to persuade the Prosecutor-General to resign. In that conversation, Putin mentioned to Skuratov that he himself was also secretly video-taped making sex at the same bed. (But of course, he did not tell it was pedophilia [sic] rather than normal sex.) Later, Skuratov wrote about this in his book Variant Drakona (pp.153-154).”

    • Putin is pedo. FSB knows it but in Russia you killed if say. He like young boys from age 6-9. Now that he is presdent of Russia he has pick what he want and once finish he has them kill. Usually orphan or runaway. No one care about them any how. I am put my life in danger write this even through proxy. i can not say who I work for butinside government office.

        • Too shy to ask: what do you think now about President of Russia?
          He is a pedophile (because a clique of freaks without the slightest reason, it says) or he is the democratically chosen leader of Russia?

          In psychology there is the term “mirroring”. When I see the comments of your countrymen about the alleged pedophilia of Vladimir Putin, I think only one thing: the English guys have serious problems with sexual orientation.

          • Mon ami… What a sadness – I just took the trouble to look at the geographical origin of your IP. Los Angeles for a Long time… he is in the British Isles? Turns out it’s you without reference to the British sending rays of diarrhea Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Korea, Belgrade, Grenada, Panama, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria…

            You for one second thought that Yellowstone impregnable? The system “Dead hand” was invented by Kremlin propagandists? Here’s my only friendly request: do not go on his site and you will be happy.

          • Why, i ‘ve been under the misconception that you in the West approve of homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles nd zoophiles. You should adore Putin, if he is pedophile ( like so many of your clergyю

      • 4DM: It’s very funny, but I HAVE to write from behind a proxy, because the Russian IP banned. And, since you’re such a fearless and incognito – throw proof, which proves the immorality of Putin, despite the fact that modern Europe is considered normal when the gene pool of the nation Fucks itself in the ass.
        And once allows at the legislative level to work legally in prostitution girls (and maybe boys) from the age of sixteen.

    • As well you are informed in affairs of FSB.

      Perhaps, then you precisely know why the princess Diana has died?

          • That is “common knowledge” why was killed Princess Di, but who and by whose order this was done is unknown, but You think it’s the frontman of U2? A very original interpretation. As, however, the bulk of what you have written.

          • Well my dear Tata Li, everything is up to interpretation. Such is the nature of clandestine operations.

          • Well my dear Pops, that is the elimination of a pathological liar, a former officer of the counterintelligence and security guard caught stealing bureaucrats, escaped with stolen billions to England, a traitor and a drunk Litvinenko is a criminal act of Bloody Gebni,

            and the murder of a pregnant woman who has put a lot of effort to rid the world of anti-personnel mines, activist AIDS is quite a clandestine operation, and look for the perpetrators – not the case MI5 or whoever you have in
            charge of killings of members of the Royal family? It is very very nice.

            By the way, don’t write any more garbage about the President of Russia. You think you humiliated him with that? No, you only humiliate yourself and your nation to the availability of these stupid ass (долбоёбов) like you. Good luck.

  6. WTF is that sh*t ? Seriously people stop this immoral and stupid propaganda, enough with your sick brains. And you are full of trolls! Your trolls! Just to raise the temperature here with fakes, bullshitting all over the place.

  7. You want war you commie bastards bring it on!

    NATO will crush Russia like a piece of cake.

    Come and get it vodka boys.

    Putin is a girl. He is so gay. He likes to suck dicks.

    • Piss off you polonium swilling Russian troll. Why don’t you go help your Putinski kill more babies in Aleppo. Bunch of Russian baby killers. Or how about shoot a commercial jet out of the sky killing innocent women and children. You are a bunch of animals. Go to hell.

      • сучья тварь! вспомни натовские обстрелы Белграда,Багдада.англосаксы вы по макушку в крови невинных !!!! bitch creature! remember the NATO attacks on Belgrade and Baghdad.Anglo-Saxons, you are in the blood of innocent !!!!

      • All the seats in hell for a long time occupied by the Anglo-Saxons. Or the women and children of Dresden is not so innocent than children and women Aleppo?

        13 February 1945 from English airfields rose 245 bombers “Lancaster”, they carried out the first bombing. Midnight climbed another 550 bombers, which had the second bombing. During the two night raids on Dresden were dropped 1400 tons of high explosive bombs and 1,100 tons of incendiary bombs.

        “…I saw young women with children in their arms they ran and fell, their hair and clothing lit up, and they terribly shouted until the falling walls while did not bury them…” (anonymous witness).
        “…Sypathise everywhere sparks of fire everywhere and a raging hurricane, I first could not consider. Real satanic cauldron awaited me there: the street was not only heaps of stone about a meter in height, broken glass, collapsed beams, funnel…” (memoirs of Margaret fryer).
        “…The impression was as if fire was pouring from the sky. Where it was yet dark, we suddenly saw ismywebsite up the flame… when I looked back on downtown, we saw a solid sea of fire. And then all rushed to the outskirts to come out into the open…” (in memory of Charlotte Mann).
        “…The area resembled a crater landscape, and then we saw the dead. Burnt or charred corpses, huddled up to half normal size… a Few people sat on the ground. But why don’t they move? Coming closer, we all became clear. They were dead. Their lungs burst from the shock wave…” (memories of Anna Maria, Hamann).
        Up to 80% of the city’s buildings suffered damage of various degrees, and up to 50% of residential buildings were destroyed or seriously damaged. Was destroyed: “24 banks, 26 buildings of insurance companies, 31 trading shop, 6470 shops, 640 warehouses, 256 trading floors, 31 hotel, 26 public houses, 63 administrative buildings, 3 theatres, 18 cinemas, 11 churches, 60 chapels, 50 cultural-historical buildings, 19 hospitals (including auxiliary and private clinics), 39 schools, 5 consulates, 1 Zoological garden, 1 waterworks, 1 railway depot, 19 post offices, 4 tram depot, 19 ships and barges”.
        According to various reports in the city killed 200-250 thousand people.

        Welcome to the real world, hypocritical bitch.

      • You should have directed your wrath to Americans killing babies in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Korea, Belgrade, Grenada, Panama, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria.

  8. Валентина зачем Вы так уважительно обращаетесь к этому Frederic??? он же; лжец,пидарас и провокатор.

  9. Дебилы! вы чего пишите???? какие очереди??? какая груда тлеющих углей ???? что за бомжеватый мальчишка?где, вы его взяли???
    Мне 42 года,живу в Москве,политику В.В.Путина против ПИНДОСТАНА и гейэвропы полностью поддерживаю.
    мы, семьей, летом 2016 отдыхали в нашем Российском Крыму!!!

  10. Heartbreaking what is going in Russia. I cried when I saw those children in the Moscow stations. Why is nothing done?

    • Something that is obviously ignored. Especially by the propaganda Russkies on the comments section here. To them, there is no poverty or problems and everything is like Disney land. They turn a blind eye.

      • I’ll tell you about my family.
        married, I have three children: the eldest son (he is 19 years old)
        free studies at the Pedagogical University, because the well-attended
        public (free education) and successfully passed the exams. Younger
        attend kindergarten – free too, because under Russian law, we are a
        large family, and the state provides us with benefits. For
        example, our family put free parking, we do not pay the transport tax,
        we are offered a 50% discount for utilities, home phone, on a dairy
        kitchen for each child under 7 years old are free of charge 18 liters of
        milk each month (the rest of the children to give milk to 3
        years, there still have food for pregnant women and babies, but I do
        not remember much that it includes and is -. for every family,
        regardless of the wealth and social status), oh yes – yet we provide
        free medicines to the Federal list. Children
        in kindergarten artificial ice rink, my daughter – she is 5 years old –
        free of charge engaged in figure skating, learning English and
        painting. The
        younger son – he was three years – is too small for these activities,
        but I hope that it might be interested in horses, although so far his
        favorite toy – my piano. Children from large families are not paid 2.5 thousand rubles per month for the garden. It is about 30 pounds. In kindergartens five meals (2 breakfasts, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner), the fee for which is included in this amount.
        The husband is engaged in commercial refrigeration equipment, it is – an engineer. Now he is in Germany on the profile exhibition in Nuremberg. He
        asked, what to bring as a gift – all I could think of – it’s a toy
        Nutcracker (a character from a fairy tale of Hoffmann), because
        everything else I can easily buy in Russia. But Nutcrackers in short supply – in Russian matryoshka easier to buy)). We live in an apartment with central heating (which, for England, as I understand it, a rarity). My husband’s parents (they are pensioners) living in a country house with a plot of 50 acres. Tax
        it is about 6 thousand rubles a year – I know this because the house
        belongs to us formally, and taxes accordingly, we pay too. The eldest son lives separately: he rents an apartment near the university. I have one more apartment, but it is in another city, so I rent it. I do not work – I prefer to do housework. Sometimes, I edit and rework in electronic form handwritten tests at home. This summer we have made a new interior in the nursery and, therefore, have not gone anywhere. The following summer, going to our Russian Crimea.
        And another thing … Especially for you I have something just photographed. So Disney is a refrigerator starving Russians: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/292f301298956d73ca705c096f7eec4bc34fff077946de3c2d5906807d99919d.jpg


    • Стелла, по плачте лучше о своих бомжах и мигрантах. Stella, you better shed tears on their bums and migrants

  11. Как вам не стыдно писать такую брехню! Очень многие ездят в Россию к друзьям или по бизнесу, в России всё отлично! На кого расчитаны такие новости? Вы считаете своих читателей дураками?

    Are not you ashamed to write such nonsense! Many people go to Russia to friends or on business, in Russia everything is fine! To whom are calculated such news? Do you think your readers fools?

    • Для внутреннего потребления статья. Для английских недоумков которым лень в гугл глянуть даже. ?

  12. Ебать вас тут, клоунов. Британия теперь страна пидарасов? Ню ню.

  13. Well it’s strange former architect goes for shopping with calculator. People from that generation did learn in the primary school to calculate without calculator. Anyway till this time russians use calculator just for much harder counting than simple combine.
    I see fruit bowl on the table, selection of bread, home made sake or pie AND! smoked sausage. Is smoked sausage cheap? Tell me where i would go there!
    By the way you took pic about 1987′ life in USSR, time of crisis and cold war. It was no problems with the bread that time. It could be queue for alcohol (was limited that time) or any fashion clothes. I did hear a lot about perfect service in the shops on another part of the world. I’m in Ireland at the moment. Why i stand in the queue any time i go for shopping?
    Have you been in Russia nowadays? Worth to have a look before to say anything!

  14. This frederic ass hole is a monkey. In Russia there are no poverty. Look at you is own country first.

  15. What a rubbish… I can not believe somebody is the right mind can write such amount of lies in such a short story. And a special award of “Most Dishonest Journalist Of the Week” goes to Frederic Constance. Shameless stupid ass…

  16. Wow, a photo of 1987 to describe the situation in 2016?

    Very, very “honest” for the Western propaganda. And those readers that she believes.

    Video with poor general director of a major architectural studio “Sergey Khmylov” surprises too. Probably, the studio owner does not know that the business of his company so badly?

    Who does not believe – check the picture and name in Google … and if you do not want to do it – do not be surprised that Russia has long been laughing at such as you. :)))

    • People like him do not get ashamed.. he is being paid to spread lies.. and he calls himself a “journalist”…

  17. Ежедневно Squib прав. Откуда они знают все это? Россия является банкротом. Бог спасти всех нас от Путина.

  18. What to discuss? Does Mr Frederic shares his nightmares with sane people. Or do sane peopke believe in this bullshit where picture was captured at the end of 80s in USSR?

    Wake up, Frederic, buy a ticket to Moscow from your west pereferia and have a look at MegaCity and MegaCountry ))

  19. поздравляю, вы чемпионы вселенной по лжи 😀
    Congratulations, you are champions of the universe lies

  20. What a shame on the author of such fake! May be this Frederic has never been to Russia??? Or he has been there 25 years ago and still uses photos of that time? For him to know- this stupid article is translated for the Russian chat, I wish he could read the discussions!!! Russians laugh a lot at this fake and also are very much surprised by author’s ignorance

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