Brexit: Ridiculed Theresa May Close to Breaking Point

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Theresa May, the British PM, is looking more and more isolated in the EU's negotiating rooms and halls of inequity.

The sweat, the empty tables, the ridicule from the cold hearted EU technocrats sometimes gets too much, even for a steely woman like Theresa May.

Sometimes we need some time on our own, and Theresa May without any choice is on her own amongst the jackals, coyotes and wild dogs of the EU.

Reminiscent of a Diana sitting alone next to an almighty towering Taj Mahal, here too is May, alone and cutting a very lonely figure.

With news of leaks in German newspapers orchestrated by EU attack dog Selmayr, a veritable German Alsatian who revels in spreading disinfo, lies, and leaked conversations, Theresa May is now a floundering dame in the dark, there is no Thatcherite strength here, just a woman in the darkness.


As far as these false negotiations and time-wasting nonsense goes, many could have told the naive willing Theresa May a year ago that nothing would happen because all the EU wants to do is to eek out a massive payment from Britain as a leaving punishment. The reasoning behind the EU is that making a former member state pay up a large ransom will deter anyone else from leaving the Soviet EU.

No Deal

This is the only sane, and logical thing to do under the circumstances. By leaving with a No Deal, Britain will hold its head up high and keep its honour.

Theresa May must take the No Deal route and fuck the EU up the ass. This is the only solution to the humiliation, the ridiculous ransom, blackmail.

Let Britain take the high seas once again, the ships going from shore to shore with trade deals galore, let us embrace the WTO.

It is either a No Deal and Victory for Britain, or humiliation and death via the EU.