Sweden Bans Looking at Women

STOCKHOLM - Sweden - The staunchly socialist country has banned men from looking at women as it can be construed as sexual harassment or rape, the authorities have decided.


Hilder Strömgård, the leading feminist in the country hailed the new law as a victory against unwarranted attention from men.

“We may dress in a provocative way enticing men to look our way but it does not mean that they have the right to look at us and our bodies. This new directive by the government is a welcome to all women who do not wish to be objectified or seen as sexual creatures.”

Minister for Equality for Sweden, Juanite Smalstrapp, said that the new law was “hard fought” in parliament and proclaimed that “justice for women and feminists” had finally arrived.

According to the new feminist equality law if a man looks at a woman in any circumstance they would violate the law and a rape charge would be forthcoming.

“We have new officers who have been trained in the new feminist law, and the officers will all be female so there can be no discrepancies,” Smalstrapp added.

No men, male members of parliament or boys were allowed to dispute the law and its introduction.