T-TAX : London Mayor Punishing the Poor and Elderly

LONDON - England - The new directive from Labour's London Mayor is yet another attack on the poor and elderly.

EU directives and the government advised drivers to get diesel vehicles a few years ago, today these same people are putting a ridiculous tax on older vehicles and diesel after encouraging people to buy them. Is this fair, that Tfl and the Labour Mayor of London should punish those poorer families who have older cars, diesel vehicles or small businesses?

The hypocrisy and corruption that led up to this Toxin Tax will not make any difference to the traffic smog levels in London but is just a revenue seeking venture to bolster the coffers of Tfl even further than they already are.

None of this makes any sense when you have countries like China and the USA putting out so much carbon emissions every year that London is a but a tiny speck in pollution levels.

With buses churning up tonnes of emissions every year, they blight the roads, usually have no one in them, and travel in packs of four. Something needs to be done about London buses, the most polluting filthy wastes of space on the old crumbling tiny roads.

London’s roads, built for the horse and carriage are now resplendent with multiple lanes, one for the bikes, one for buses and taxis, and a tiny designated lane for cars. Rip the whole lot up and start again, because with parked cars on each side of the road anyway, there is so little space to manoeuvre, you might as well buy a bulldozer to go through the whole fucking lot.

Driving in London today is a nightmare so awful that it is best to simply stay at home. Trying to traverse the fucking rude Eastern European maniac drivers with foreign plates, the white van men, the crazed taxi drivers, Chelsea tractors, the exalted cyclists and the behemoth buses which clog everything up is a hellish torture that is so depraved in its horror it leaves one to think of nothing but anger.

First of all someone needs to teach the millions of EU drivers the rules of road in Britain, however they simply come over here and do as they do in Bucharest. There are no British laws that apply to these road users, as they can accrue as many tickets or fines as they want, something that comes down to their non-British untraceable vehicle registrations. So, good luck with getting their T-Tax, because they’re exempt.

As in every regime ruled by extreme socialists Labour, London is now the ban city of the world. The Labour Mayor is banning portrayals of women in bikinis on posters, banning older cars, banning Uber, and next on the line will probably ban free speech to speak against his ridiculous plans to fuck London up further than it already is.

Just bought a new gas guzzling SUV that pollutes more than older vehicles, but it’s exempt from the T-Tax because it was manufactured in 2017.