Comrade Keir Starmer a Danger to Real Brexit – Urgent Communique to Labour Brexiteers

LONDON - England - The UK and correct Brexit, is in immediate danger if Labour makes ground.

Your party led by the Communist Jeremy Corbyn seeks to thwart any form of Brexit by watering down the terms of any deal.

Under the auspices of Corbyn and his counterpart, comrade Keir Starmer, the EU will play all the cards of the softest Brexit that could possibly occur. In fact, after the communist controlled ‘Brexit’ there will be no difference to the UK before ‘Brexit’.

Labour Brexiteers must thus join with the Conservatives in thwarting not only a Labour soft Brexit, which means no Brexit, but also thwarting the SNP from any sort of action that may break up the United Kingdom.

The two must work together as one in stopping the soviet machinations of the Marxist comrade Keir Starmer, a high party Labour official who not only wants to ruin a true Brexit but will leave the UK worse off than it ever was.

No deal is better than a bad deal, and Britain will always have access to the single market, as every country in the world already has. We will forge new deals on a global basis without the inhibitive forces of the EU breathing down our necks.

This election is crucial to the safety of the UK, not only in immigration terms, in military defence but also in preserving the Brexit the people voted for on June 23, 2016 in the EU Referendum.

To vote Labour is to not only destroy any form of Brexit but will enable the SNP to break the UK up and cause massive financial repercussions to Britain for many years to come as well as leave the country defenceless to outside attack.