Experts: You Can’t Have a Brexit Without Brexiteers in Charge

LONDON - England - Remoaner Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond is calling for a transitional soft Brexit over 4 - 6 years. His proposal would be a serious watering down of Brexit and for what people voted for on June 23, 2016.


Hammond’s EU-centric Brexit would favour Brussels, especially with free movement, and would increase migration exponentially into Britain’s borders.

Because of Theresa May’s dilly dallying within the first six months of her gaining the role of prime minister, and also her appointment of key Remoaners into the Cabinet, many plots to thwart Brexit flourished including a court case with EU-centric judges presiding over a nonsensical charge brought on by foreigners, and anti-British citizens.

On all fronts, there are multiple attacks to halt Brexit, and due to the current Cabinet having little or no Brexit output, there is little cause for addressing the will of the people. The House of Lords, is a cesspit full of unelected bought-for cronyistic peers intent on destroying anything that even mentions the word Brexit. There is little or no chance that any Commons Bill would ever pass the Remoaner base of the Lords.

The key point for voting for Brexit was to control migration into Britain to a sustainable level, unfortunately, because of Theresa May and her duplicitous diversional political stance, and indecisive nature, there is little hope of halting EU migration in the future, especially if the Hammond transitional plan is implemented.

On June 23 2016, 17.5 million people making up 52% of voters voted to get out of the EU, to take back control of our laws, of our sovereign status, and to limit migration into Britain. These people who voted, who were assured by parliament their vote counted have been betrayed, and so has democracy within the United Kingdom been betrayed, by pandering to the EU, and to Remoaners at every turn, the weak Theresa May and her Remoaner centric Cabinet are nothing to do with Brexit and unless something happens drastically in the future, there will never be a Brexit as prescribed by the general populace.

When all else fails, the country may very well fall into discontent, into violent expression for their disenchantment of what they thought was a democracy. Nationwide civil unrest will break up the UK into many factions, and there could be decades of violent street clashes as people fight for what is right and what they voted for.

By betraying the will of the people established on a democratic vote on June 23, 2016, it is not only elected MPs who will lose their seats and constituencies but the economy will suffer as well. How many years of civil unrest can the government deal with, as people fight in the streets, escalating into open warfare on all fronts?

Defying the will of the populace is a dangerous game, but if Remoaners wish to play, then they should be ready for the uprising after their treacherous attempts at derailing Brexit are unearthed for all to see.