Saying Goodbye to Britain

LONDON - England - Britain is lost, it has already been overrun, and the real power wants to keep it that way with the final sell-off to the EU.

The EU is preparing a propaganda deluge against the people of Britain via a massively funded campaign, the Prime Minister of Britain is controlled solely from Brussels and Frankfurt, the banking corporations are tied completely financially to the EU as is all economic activity in the UK today, the BBC is now receiving funding from the EU, and even the Queen of England has voiced her support for Britain staying in the EU. What hope is left for real Britons who braved the Blitz, whose ancestors and tribes settled on these Isles thousands of years ago and fought many battles to claim their land?

“Not much hope I’m afraid because the institutions and old money supports the EU, therefore they are the key players with the only power left to dictate what happens in the UK. The people do not have any power, as much as they are told that voting works, it does not really work. This is down to many variables, however the most important is the fracturing of the population, those who are real Brits, and those who are newly naturalised ones, called British in name but are not,” a man who grew up in the post-war rubble of London told the BBC before being silenced.

Once Britain is lost, it will be lost forever. The influx of people will be unprecedented, as it is already, there are millions crossing the borders unchecked but it will get a lot worse once the doors of EU exit are permanently closed.

World War II, was a war which Britain was meant to have won, however that was a lie, because the war was won by the EU, formed post-war and now changing the very fabric of the British Isles without a single shot being fired.

English is now a foreign language in many parts of Britain, and the overcrowded schools do not teach children any more, the teachers cannot cope with the oversubscribed deluge. The NHS does not heal people any more, the doctors have run out of medicine and beds, the roads are car parks where vehicles from the continent block the tiny carriageways and are immune from British fines or rules of the road.

Yes, Britain is lost and there is nothing any true Brit can do about it apart from closing the door, making a cuppa and pretending everything is all right.

Keep calm and carry on deluding yourself on this once great tiny island.

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