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Gambling Has Changed Since the World of Scorcese’s Casino

LAS VEGAS - USA - Things have changed since the heyday of gambling depicted in the movie Casino. Now the gambling world is computerised, mostly online and heavy with complicated algorithms.

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The Casino movie has everything. This Scorcese masterpiece is a jewel in the crown of his achievements and has been voted by film fanatics as the epitome of gangster movies.

Sure Goodfellas was great too, but Casino is an epic Martin Scorcese movie displaying the glories and terror of the casino world’s heyday.

The master stroke is the Janus-like face of Vegas, where beauty and glamour is compounded with brutal violence, greed and drugs.

Nowadays gambling is way different, the casinos are all owned and run by corporations, clinical and safe, taking money from punters calmly with no drama or getting cleaned out in the bankruptcy courts like a certain Big Boss.

As for online gambling, sure it’s safe, you can sit in your pyjamas at casino games online at Netbet and win $10,000 or you could be in a launderette and bet your last $250 and lose it all, what the hell, at least you were in the game.


“Gambling is great. I can win $250,000 in the morning, then blow $30,000 in the afternoon. I’m still in the money. The trick is to make so much cash that the losses won’t matter. Online you can pretty much play any game you want. You just gotta get over the house edge, take the vig, and a string of losses means lady luck ain’t with ya that day,” a very rich online gambler revealed from his palatial cardboard box in Reno.

Things have definitely changed in the gambling world since Frank ‘Lefty’ Rothstein and Anthony Spilotro left the Vegas scene but gambling will always be there, it’s like a part of life, you got to take the risk at the Spin Palace or you get left behind in a colourless, less alive world. You instead want to feel alive for that moment in time, the adrenalin rushing through your veins, as you take that win.



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