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EU Referendum: Why is Jeremy Corbyn Backing Goldman Sachs In Campaign?

LONDON - England - To back the In campaign during the EU Referendum, is to back Goldman Sachs and corporate entities who are bankrolling the loss of Britain's democracy.

Saying Goodbye to Britain

LONDON - England - Britain is lost, it has already been overrun, and the real power wants to keep it that way with the final sell-off to the EU.

Investors Urged to Keep Buying More Stocks

NEW YORK - USA - Retail investors are being urged to keep buying stocks so that large institutions can unload as much as they can.

Fear Index VIX Makes Moderate Jump Higher

SHANGHAI - China - But how high will the VIX go? China's over-leveraged investors and businesses are eating some dog pie at the moment as the Shanghai Composite Index takes a 38% violent movement on the downside.

Obama: “If Greeks Get Debt Relief So should Ireland, Italy, Portugal...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama is causing some serious ripples across the pond with his order that the Eurozone capitulates to Greek blackmail and gives the country debt relief, even though creditors took a 50% haircut in 2013 already.

Economists: Soon Enough All the Cans Collect in a Pile

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Kicking the cans down the road repeatedly creates a big pile of cans, these cans get rusty, and their sheer volume creates a strain on the road, eventually the weight crashes through the asphalt into the sewer below.

U.S. Economy Bubble Resembles Large Unpopped Pimple Says Fed

NEW YORK - USA - The U.S. economy resembles a large straining pustule about to pop its bulbous pus all over the place says Fed.

Experts: Why the Wealthy Need to Be Afraid

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The latest report from Finance United Capital King Endowment Depravity, a key financial clearing house for wealthy elite investors has warned that the world is nearing a point of metastasis that will see radical changes not witnessed since the world wars of the 20th century.

Russell Brand: Merry Christmas From Mayfair Film Partnership

LONDON - England - Revolutionary hypocrite, Russell Brand is certainly not a hypocrite, he's just a very good actor.

Russell Brand Stews the Trews Cuz He’s the Hypocritical Muse

LONDON - England - Russell Brand is angry, really angry at his treatment, especially from some members of the press. He explains his emotions in another episode of the trews.

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