Obama: “If Greeks Get Debt Relief So should Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama is causing some serious ripples across the pond with his order that the Eurozone capitulates to Greek blackmail and gives the country debt relief, even though creditors took a 50% haircut in 2013 already.

“Hi, my name’s Barack Hussein Obama. Since I was elected the United States has increased its debt level by over $8 Trillion. I want to give debt relief to all eurozone countries that have vast debts, starting with Greece. This way, all the other debt ridden nations, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and France will ask for debt relief. This is a sure fire winner because not only will Greece stay in the eurozone to continue causing destruction to the EU from the inside, but the other countries that are in trouble will think, hey, the profligate Greeks got away with it, now it’s our turn. So, to sum up, more destruction, keep the Greeks in the EZ, so that the Germans can continue to plow in massive amounts of cash into the black hole of Greece. Thank you, my job is done here, when I leave office I can’t wait to sit back and watch the whole thing go bang. It wasn’t my fault though..hahahah!”

Bye, bye EU.