Tube Drivers Having a Beautiful Day During Strike

LONDON - England - As the capital's tube drivers strike, some of them describe the wonderful time they are having.

“The weather’s been absolutely gorgeous. Had a barbecue with some friends for lunch then we went down the pub, drinks all around. I checked my bank balance and it made me feel great. I make more money than some doctors, yep, it’s hard not to feel good about my life,” Ernie Saunders, a tube driver from Ruislip told the Evening Standard.

Whilst London’s commuters were packed into sweltering buses by the hundred, tube drivers across the capital were relaxing with beers in their hands.

Tube strike

“I make £58,000 per year for sitting in a train cab and looking out the window. We work hard for that, so we deserve to strike while you people get heat stroke and choke from the fumes of some tramp’s arm pits squashed in a number 121 bus to nowhere. Go on get to work, I retire in four weeks on a full gold plated pension and all the mod con benefits. Excuse me while I get another beer, ahh, this is the life. Pays to be with Aslef,” another tube driver told the BBC during an interview.