Experts: Why the Wealthy Need to Be Afraid

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The latest report from Finance United Capital King Endowment Depravity, a key financial clearing house for wealthy elite investors has warned that the world is nearing a point of metastasis that will see radical changes not witnessed since the world wars of the 20th century.


“Rich people will be literally torn apart in the streets such is the level of inequality. What we are seeing is a world where the rich get increasingly richer, leaving nothing behind. The poor are getting increasingly poorer and overpopulation is exasperating the situation.

“The elites have removed so much money from taxpayers and consumers that there is nothing left. Through free trade and cheap labour, we have destroyed quality, value and liquidity. The dip in 2008 was a minor blip from which the world’s economies were ‘seen’ to have recovered, however never did. The real depression started in 2001 of course, with the signal of September and there will be a perpetual depression until global war spreads enacting real change.

“In the West there is a welfare system, which encourages poverty and keeps people down for the rest of their pitiful lives. We thus have generational poverty at great financial cost to taxpayers. The money used to pay for the poor is in fact a shackle which enslaves them further leading them to early graves.

“In developing nations, there is no welfare system and if they get sick, they literally die in the streets, but that’s not enough to stop the breeding, in fact it encourages it.

“The key point to make is that humans are needlessly breeding more poverty, and this creates hatred for those who work hard and educate themselves or are born into wealth.

“Overpopulation has been the single most cause of humanity’s destruction and the wealthy have been farming poor people for too long. It is only a matter of time before some of them wake up.

“The key is Egypt, the ancient land from which all ethereal energy comes from. We see tanks churning through the streets tearing through bodies, fire and maelstrom.

“Egypt is the arcane manifestation, and the last signal, from there all money will be obsolete.

“When you land on your private air strip in the jungle, you will know that the New World Order has finally been borne.”