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Science: Why Biological Women Could be Superseded in Future

STOCKHOLM - Sweden - The rise of feminism and misandry amongst today's women could be the advent of a future with no biological women left, a team of scientific thinkers and technologists revealed on Sunday.

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“In effect, widespread misandry, the hatred of men, is a catalyst for the complete breakdown of biological and societal forces that govern humanity.

“Through our detailed analysis we see a severe split between the sexes, especially in the developed world, where women reject the male, thus sealing their own doom.

“Technological advances in artificial intelligence, in creating near biological androids, and in bio-engineering through nano-technology will in the next twenty years create females who are ideal partners to biological males.

“These entities will be engineered with tailored personalities to their specific partners, and through artificial intelligence will be adaptive and compliant to the  male they serve.

“Over time, because of feminism and misandry, biological women will be superseded and removed from the evolutionary pool, although some may still exist in small pockets in lesser developed nations. Feminism is thus a tool for population control that can be utilised to halt biological breeding amongst the masses, leaving the future open only to the elite survivors.

“The severe fractures in today’s societies are due to the active role of feminism in undermining and destroying families worldwide, and those who promote transhumanist doctrines are perfectly happy to continue with feminism, a Marxist Soviet doctrine to enact change.

“Women used to be the glue that held societies together, but now they are defunct under feminism, and in the future the biological female will be a rarity. Low birth rates, abortion and feminism are the anti-thesis of nature’s biology, and science will soon have a fix with the next evolutionary step during the epoch of AI.”

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  1. Women are their own worst enemy. I love women but I wish they would come around to rational thought some time.

  2. This is the stupidest dumbest crap I ever read in my life. Women will never lose ourselves we empower ourselves every day every hour as sisters in the fight against the nazi oppression women have had to deal with for centuries from men. The time has come for us to reclaim our lives and take what is owed to us as women. The only ones who lose are men and were gonna make damn sure they have their balls hacked off. Castration for all men is what you get for all the horrible BS you have done to us. This is no reason to think we’re going easy on you if we castrate you we want you to all eventually die off.

    • lol … troll of the month. or maybe that’s just “time of the month.” Either way, you’re a pathetic bigot.

      • How about I give you a time of the month you sick excuse for a human being. TIME OF THE MONTH? U sexist mysoginist dweeb. Why the hell didn’t your mom abort you?

  3. There seems to be a failure in logic here. Unless society can produce an artificial womb that is as good or superior to version 1.0 then the notion that females will become a rarity is a non-starter. Each woman owns her own monopoly on reproduction and so long as sperm banks and beta males exist they will be able to reproduce and latch on to the public teat for support of their offspring. Men don’t have such a choice.

    If anything, it is males that will be the rarity as feminists continue to promote selective abortion and infanticide of male offspring.

    That said, the amount of resources that will go into the production and maintenance of an artificial female companion far exceeds what the average man can afford to pay. Even with divorce and child support the cost of natural reproduction is still cheaper if less satisfying.

    I’m not sure how you’ve come to the conclusion that women will become a rarity or even feminists will become a rarity. Our species has never authorized the mass extermination of females the way it has repeatedly done for males. The Battle of Somme saw ONE MILLION men die. Do you really think that we could do the same to women? Especially since they are a majority of the electorate–everywhere there is an electorate.

    Will some men enjoy an artificial companion some day? Maybe. What’s more likely is that women will further marginalize men economically and educationally and at some point their hypergamist instincts will make them so unhappy that they will rethink and reject feminism.

    Women today still expect to find and marry a man who makes more than they do. That hasn’t changed in the last 45 years and not a single feminist has suggested it should. But as “suitable’ males become more rare and young men reject marriage and fatherhood after seen their own fathers enslaved and abused by women and the courts, women will do what they always do–advocate for their own interests and privilege.

    Today they think their interests lie in having a job. When they find themselves alone and old and unwanted by men then maybe they’ll sing a different tune.

    But they aren’t going to disappear. They can make more of themselves anytime they want.

  4. This is a scary look at the future but I can see it happening certainly with the way the feminism is going. What the feminists dont realize is they are hurting themselves more than anyone else. I geuss theyre blind to that huh…….

  5. Men and women are different biologically and genetically. Such differentiation will result in two different species in future. In fact the way Men and women behave, and think differently, they may be treated as different species even today.

    • You can not class men and women as different species for the simple reason that biologically viable (ie, reproductive) offspring result, the simplest definition of a species.

      I do not believe that men and women will become different species or would not remain so for long. One or the other will wipe the other of the one out. There’s only room on earth for one dominant species and some feminists such as Sally Miller Gearhart have said as much openly and on public record.

      The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at
      approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart

      There is real hate by many feminists that goes up to and includes genocide.

      • In my view gender war is inevitable. We are trying to diffuse it, but I am sure feminsts shall impose this war on Men. Men are not left with many choices.

        • The 1% oligarchs are on the side of feminism, and only a small number of women identify themselves as feminists. Establishment elite is pushing the feminist line to create more debt for banksters, who continuously water down the Fiat money.

  6. I have always believed that equality would be the worst thing to ever happen to women. Women have relied on things not being equal for their survival through out history. In recent years we have seen a recalibration of attitudes that is truly astonishing. The institutionalization of feminism is causing people to view sexual relations as competitive and risky and not as a cooperative union. I don’t think the result of this change in perspective will be good news for women. A critical Question is will it be reversible.

  7. Feminism did not ruin women, it exposed their behaviour. Also big government has enabled this.
    if men find a satisfying alternative to these terrible contemporary females or a male pill, bye bye babies

    • Feminism is a product of patriarchy. Old powerful men give support to feminism because they fear young men from usurping their rule. Feminism is indeed a way to control population. Could it be clearer than #KillAllMen ? If one assumes women were an oppressed minority, one has to wonder how come this oppressed minority got its freedom within 1 generation when every other group has been fighting for it for hundreds of years? Feminism has only become institutionalized in countries that are not going to war and are having surplus men.

      • I found what you wrote interesting, fear of young men and the oppressed minority getting “freedom”. But I think women have always had easy lives having male slaves who keep them alive while they live out if harm’s way.
        Also I completely disagree about population control, angering your best workers to control population is not a good way. And the best way to stop population growth is by stopping immigration anyway.

  8. Terrifyingly accurate. We already see it in Japan, where over 20% of young men completely abandonned women. Not because they’re gay, simply because women demand too much. In other words, feminists price themselves out of the market.

    • The Japan situation is interesting. There does not have a strong feminist movement and yet gynocentric plays out the same way. So I think feminism is a result of deeper inertia rather then a cause of problems for men in themselves. Without feminist rhetoric over the last 40 or 50 years we would have fear and suspicion which would manifest in different rhetoric. It might be extreme tradcon religious rhetoric driving a wedge between the sexes instead.

      Safety is a factor. Not only do women need to be protected as they nurture the young but I think they are driven to feel the need for protection. Without threat our unconscious minds start to see imaginary threats. That’s why utopias are boring and why they fail. The need for enemies results in utopians making enemies of each other. Thus in the west violent crime has decreased dramatically. Women have never been so safe. Yet the “rape culture” hysteria is getting louder and more shrill. And no country is as safe as Japan. In Japan there are dry fish ladies (himono-onna). and herbivore men (soshoku danshi). In the west the “rape culture” hysteria is at an inconscious level about getting men to fight each other to “protect” the fair maidens. Targeting gamers and man spreaders is an example to pushing men to “have a go at each other”. It’s all very biological.

      • Women demand more because there are surplus men. Any country that is in war is having this problem.

  9. There are some real women out there still. We’re a dying breed and it will be a sad day for humanity when we’re gone. The lucky men who do have us need to know we appreciate you so much.

  10. The rise of feminism also means biological men will die out too. That’s the plan if noone giving birth anymore.

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