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Yellen: “I Called Off the Pumping”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - After five years of pumping the markets with $5.4 trillion, current head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen has called a stop to the bond buy back scheme.

Free Funny Money in Stock Market Over

NEW YORK - USA - The days of free money are closing to an end as Quantitative Easing is soon to be stopped on both sides of the Atlantic.

When the Stock Market Crash Comes Be Sure to Wear a...

LONDON - England - The tapering of QE by the U.S. and U.K. in July 2013 is very similar to the crash before October 1929 as the money supply dries up, there will be nowhere to go but down for the stock market.

Brain Scans Can Identify Politicians or Members of Ruling Elite Even...

LONDON - England - Brain scans can be used to identify children who may be potential politicians, new research has shown from a University College London study.

Fred the Shred and Bob the Rob Finally Get Their Just...

LONDON - England - The corrupt British banking institutions were delightfully graced yesterday with some crumpet, a dollop of paint and some bouncy joy cushions.

Bank Caught Fiddling Interest Rates

LONDON - England - News has just come through that Barclays Bank has been fiddling interest rates for years.

Charity Chuggers vs Banking Buggers on Britain's High Streets

LONDON - England - Charity mugger chuggers are chunts but now they have some stiff competition on Britain's High Streets as thousands of banking buggers are stalking you to brutally relinquish your pockets of their precious pennies.

Cameron Wants to Incorporate National Hug a Banker Day

LONDON - England - David Cameron has defended his call for more understanding of why bankers commit banking - and rejected suggestions he wants people to "hug a banker".

Banker Sacked For Getting a Conscience

LONDON - England - A banker, who was sacked on Tuesday for getting a sudden pang of conscience, is set to sue his former investment bank, an employers tribunal has revealed.

Wall Street Bankers Arrested in Dawn Raid

NEW YORK - USA - Police wearing helmets and carrying shields early on Tuesday began to clear the Wall Street financial district, where thousands of bankers and traders work.

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