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Bank Caught Fiddling Interest Rates

LONDON - England - News has just come through that Barclays Bank has been fiddling interest rates for years.

“This is incredible, I would never have guessed such a thing would happen. You mean a bank has been caught manipulating interest rates to make huge profits. No! You don’t say?” a surprised bank customer told the BBC.

Do bears defecate in the woods and is the Pope Catholic?

“That’s almost as ridiculous as someone telling you a bank bailout was going to go to small businesses and companies, as opposed to £6.5 million Notting Hill properties,” another banking customer laughed

Naturally, the British people will simply bend over the table next time too. Nothing changes it seems.

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  1. This is no news. They've been fiddling the Libor since the 70s the question should be who leaked the emails and data? It is in the interests of Hollande and other EU countries to destroy London's dominance in the finance sector. My guess is that this was a knock up job for those boys to bring in new regualtions.

  2. Yeah, they put people into prison who fiddle a little bit of extra money on top of their slave wages or their measly benefit, but the bankers get a slap on the wrist over screwing millions off everyone and politicians who fiddle expenses are patted on the head and told not to do it again.

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