Obamacare: Half of South America Happy About Supreme Court Ruling

MEXICO CITY - Mexico - News crews from many South American countries filmed cheers of joy in the streets today as America's Supreme Court ruled in favour of Obama's health care law.

“We happy! Not only do we get amnesty as illegal aliens but we also get healthcare guaranteed. We got whole villages waiting to come over. Thank you Obama. We finally get the healthcare the gringos get,” Manuel Escondo, 54, a Mexican man who arrived illegally over the border crossing in Arizona yesterday, told Fox news.

All over South America, from Mexico to Peru, some of the poorest people in the world have been given a lifeline.

Healthcare is something that most South Americans have never had, and now with a much publicised amnesty on illegal immigrants in the US, the influx of poor people looking for better lives in North America will increase by approximately 4500% per annum according to US Immigration statistical projections .

Border patrol units have already seen a huge increase in people crossing over the border.

“We now have an open door policy here under Obama, and with the healthcare ruling, it is going to be hard to keep people out. Everyone and their uncle is going to want to come over. Look what happened in Britain. They have free healthcare for all, free housing for all and porous borders with no controls. That’s why half the Third World is over there in that tiny island right now tearing up the asshole of the UK. You try and get treatment in their crowded overrun hospitals now? They don’t have the resources to cope as well as overworked staff and limited equipment. We’re a big country you say! Yeah, but the US does not have unlimited resources either. Sooner or later we’re going to get full up too,” Joel Esterhausen, a border guard in Arizona told a local radio station.