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When the Stock Market Crash Comes Be Sure to Wear a Helmet

LONDON - England - The tapering of QE by the U.S. and U.K. in July 2013 is very similar to the crash before October 1929 as the money supply dries up, there will be nowhere to go but down for the stock market.

How to be prepared for the coming stock market crash that will wipe out trillions from the economy?

First things first, get a helmet and put it on, this is going to be a bumpy stock market ride as not only your pension, investments, property and bank account will be next to worthless but the knock on effect on the social structure will be devastating.

The printing of money that has been going on for years is a false way of supposedly increasing the value of the economy and is a big lie, therefore it is simple physics that if you stop the big lie, sooner or later the truth is revealed.

“It is generally acknowledged that the great boom of the 1920s began around July, 1921, after a year or more of sharp recession, and ended about July, 1929. Production and business activity began to decline in July, 1929, although the famous stock market crash came in October of that year. The total money supply of the country, began with $45.3 billion on June 30,1921 and reckoning the total, along with its major constituents roughly semi-annually thereafter. Over the entire period of the boom, we find that the money supply increased by $28.0 billion, a 61.8 percent increase over the eight-year period. This is an average annual increase of 7.7 percent, a very sizeable degree of inflation. Total bank deposits increased by 51.1 percent, savings and loan shares by 224.3 percent, and net life insurance policy reserves by 113.8 percent. The major increases took place in 1922–1923, late 1924, late 1925, and late 1927. The abrupt levelling off occurred precisely when we would expect—in the first half of 1929, when bank deposits declined and the total money supply remained almost constant.” Murray Newton Rothbard.

Stock market blues

This may seem rather upbeat talking about a terrible situation that will occur however it is good advice. Remember to have a big suitcase or wheelbarrow handy soon because your money will be pretty much worthless when the big one hits. Now, there is a way to invest in stock without actually buying them – you only have to predict the market direction. According to binaryoptionsaustralia.com – a binary options broker review site, there are many licensed and trustworthy brokers where you can get started with a low deposit. You will need a wheelbarrow to take the thousands of dollars or pounds to the shop to purchase a loaf of bread. the thing is, when you get to the shops with your wheelbarrow, there will not be anything on the shelves. There’s definitely nothing funny about this scenario, because when it does happen, if you had already read this article, you will realise that you knew what was coming but you did not prepare well enough by buying food and stockpiling.

The reason that QE could not go on forever is because the falsely ‘recovered’ economy is in dire straits really and they just cannot keep the sham going any more.

Henry Kissinger once said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” When there is no food on the shelves anymore and your money is worthless, then they own you lock stock and barrel. It does not matter which social strata you are from or how many A-levels you have or what job you used to have or if you think you own a home, when you have nothing to eat then everyone is the same.

People like to think we are now living in a civilisation however three days without food or water can change things drastically. If one has studied ancient cultures and history throughout mankind’s supposed ascent, you will realise that people never change, however many human rights laws they bring out, people are still deep down racist, ignorant oafs and when anarchy reigns, people become lower than animals in a bid for survival.

The socialist states that are now in charge in the West have made people dependant on the state to such a level that pretty much every life decision is dictated by the government and this level of dependency was planned all along. People will still clamour for the state when they are the ones killing you.

The stock market crash of 2008 was a mere tremor, a pre-shock to what is to come, as the New World Order engineered itself to shake off the Old World Order. To move forward one must first destroy the old system because it is not workable any more. The post-consumerist society will be more efficient and will not require the mindless consumers of today. The ones who engineer the economic collapse are all too happy to see the destruction, because out of chaos comes order — Ordo ab Chao.

You can prepare by stocking up with emergency supplies and be prepared to flee to a secluded place away from the cities. Any city around the world is simply a holding pen for humans, it can be isolated by troops easily as they do their dirty work.

When the stock market crashes, you will most probably need weapons, as you will need to protect your family and food supplies from the roaming hungry mob once you escape the cities. If you live near neighbours, never tell them you are hoarding food or where you keep this stash.

The Illuminated ones know full well that most people can only cope with two or three crisis at the same time. This is why they will bring wave after wave onto the common people maybe including lab created deadly viruses. They have already weakened the populations by tainting the nutritionless food and water supplies with chemical laden poisons, sprayed them from the air, attacked them economically and plied them with gadgets to keep them from thinking about what is really going on. The art of war is in preparation, and if one follows the patterns of occurrences globally, you will see over time how well organised the system is. There are no borders anymore, there have not been for a very long time when it comes to the highest echelons.

The symbolic nature of September 11 at the beginning of the century was a signal of things to come and the urgency with which they need to work to achieve their great work through immaculate technique and planning.

Why do you think President Obama is playing golf all the time? He knows there is no hope, and there is nothing he can do to change anything. The false game of democracy is simply one of duping the people with two opposing factions working for the same goal. If there is one single party, then there is a constant threat of revolution. If you have two supposed warring parties on the same team, then people do not think they are being fooled.

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  1. I know for sure the big one is coming soon it will make the 1920 crash look like a tiny correction. No way can this amount of global debt be sustainable.

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