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Free Funny Money in Stock Market Over

NEW YORK - USA - The days of free money are closing to an end as Quantitative Easing is soon to be stopped on both sides of the Atlantic.

Get ready to short or sell everything you have in the stock market because the days of free money are over as the Federal Reserve gets ready to stop printing billions of dollars every month.

Since 2008 the US and UK have been printing money for banking institutions and financiers who have made amazing gains but the fake economic resurgence hailed by the media was not handled cleverly enough, and some people are seeing through the smoke and mirrors.

“Of course none of the printed money filtered down to any of the ordinary people. The false economic rise is an illusion created for the masses. The world is technically still in recession and never got out of it. The only people who made any money are the banking institutions. When they taper the QE, it’s going to be like 1929 x 1000. Take a gander at the Dow chart today and overlay it over the Great Crash of 1929 chart and you will see a remarkable similarity, so my advice is start dumping now folks. This artificially created rally could never last,” Bill Steinwick, an analyst at Merrill Lynch told the Financial Times.

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