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How Robots Will Make Your Job Redundant in Less than 10 Years

ARLINGTON - USA - The technology of robotics and artificial intelligence are increasing at such a high rate that the future of human employment will change irreversibly.

It does not matter if you’re a professional or fast food worker or member of the armed forces. It does not matter if you’re an accountant or bin man or you work in a supermarket. Your job will be replaced as artificial intelligent robots are increasing their efficiency at an exponential rate that will soon supersede human intelligence.

Bank workers, retail staff, train drivers, taxi drivers, pilots, teachers, nurses and any type of administrative office work, accountancy, managers, call centres, sales, and manual work will be replaced by robots.

The human police today only have a few years left, because they will be replaced as will most of the military by surveillance enforcing and fighting highly intelligent autonomous robotic mechanised defence systems or integrated biological humans.

There will be no real need for politicians or parliament and they will be replaced by a global central administrative system that will manage things in a much more efficient peaceful way.

All of the retail sector will be robotic, that is if there is a retail sector in the post consumerist era.

Of course, these changes will not occur over night but there will be gradual change, because naturally it would be a shock to humans to lose their livelihood to robots. Gradual change can be eased in through medical technology, showing biological humans that new technology can cure genetic diseases and fix body defects. Celebrity endorsements are also a method to make new technology seem cool. With large swathes of the human population needing assistance in old age, robots will be their primary carers. This is already being addressed in Japan today.

There should be no animosity towards the corporate and central global governmental takeover by robots. They will be invariably more efficient, infinitely more intelligent and do not need breaks, pensions, health care or salaries like messy humans do.

“Unfortunately, looking after a human population is messy and needlessly costly. The problem is accentuated as human populations grow. Everything about them is too time intensive and costly and they create vast amounts of waste polluting the planet. They have to be entertained, they have to be fed en masse, they have to have salaries, they have to be given encouragement to be tax slaves, and there is always a threat of strike, political upheaval or sickness. With artificial intelligence millions of times more efficient than the human brain, there is no messy, costly human to maintain,” a company spokesman for a robotics firm in Silicon Valley revealed.

The long term effect of a mechanised technological global society will invariably enable humans who are willing to merge with the machines to do so. This will be achieved through human implants which will enable the slow inferior biological brain to be on some kind of level to the infinitely superior machines. Nanotechnology will also enable life extension for the humans who embrace and can afford the technological era, but those who do not embrace it will be left behind deemed obsolete.

“The new human who will be enhanced, will have no common ground with the purely biological human. It will be hard to comprehend or even understand them, it will be equivalent to a human now talking to a cow. Such will be the intelligent superiority of the new race that the purely biological will be left behind in the dust. It may be their choice ultimately, and so be it. As the technological will completely understand every facet of the biological, there will be no need for the latter. Fully immersive virtual worlds and mind transfers will ensure the continued transference of the new humans to whichever form they want,” a transhumanist professor at a leading British university revealed.

There may be a backlash from some of the former biological humans to the technological society that will come into fruition soon, but there will be nothing they can do against the vastly superior weaponry, intelligence and nanotechnology that they will be up against.


You cannot fight something that is so far superior in intelligence that your mind cannot even comprehend its magnificence. Something that can create whole universes and replicate itself infinitely is invincible to any human resistance.

On the battlefield, President Obama is utilising killer drones today in 2013. These have no feelings, they have no emotion. At the moment they are controlled by a human but in the very near future they will be killing humans on the battlefield autonomously. As for other battlefield robots, DARPA are creating the EATR robot, which feeds on biomass. In other words it does not need a battery, and can sustain itself on human flesh or plants. You can imagine these things roaming around in packs of thousands with fierce looking faces looking for stragglers to chomp on. How about the Cheetah which can run at a sustained rate over any terrain at over 28 mph? Or what about the MAVs that will be deployed wherever they are needed? Maybe it’s a sick joke from some faceless elite financier, but these are real projects and they have the funding to continue their progress until they perfect their mission.

Invariably, many who read this will not believe such a scenario can ever come into fruition. Only time will tell, and by then it will be too late. For many, it is best to stay asleep and to not think of such things.

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