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Wall Street Bankers Arrested in Dawn Raid

NEW YORK - USA - Police wearing helmets and carrying shields early on Tuesday began to clear the Wall Street financial district, where thousands of bankers and traders work.

The office of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the bankers should “permanently leave” the street and give back all the money the stole. Reporters said hundreds of police were mobilising around the street and that the eviction of the spivs was in progress.

Police spokesman, John Jenkem, said the city, issued eviction orders to the bankers saying the street would be cleared of “scum sucking leech bankers” after 1am (0600 GMT).

Jenkem said 150 bankers had been arrested for drinking champagne and waving wads of money around as well as resisting arrest.

“These goddamn bankers. They’re the reason the world is up shit creek, and today we arrested a bunch of them. It’s time justice was done for a change. Why should the people have to pay for these scum to live the high life? Hmm hmm, not anymore folks, it’s bye bye time for them,”chief of police, Arnold Kolic, told the New York Times.

The bankers who were cited as creating the world recession were however unrepentant about finally being arrested for their crimes.

“F*ck all of you. It’s our right to be paid and your right to be slaves to us. That’s just the way it is and nothing can change in this system that we created in the first place,” Joel Silverstein, an investment banker at Goldman Suchs said before being driven to prison in a limousine.

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