Fall Guy Barack Obama Ushered Into Presidency

NEW HAMPSHIRE - USA - Barack Obama is being groomed to be the first black President of the United States of America. He is being instated to take the fall for George W Bush's disastrous tenure as President.

World Record for Most Emergency Workers at One Incident Broken

LOS ANGELES - CA - The Guinness World Record for the most Emergency workers to attend a single incident was set last night in the Hollywood Hills near Studio City.

Unfit Britons to Lose NHS Care

LONDON - England - Comrade Brown, who as our unelected superhuman super-fit Commander in Chief, brought forth more orders for his five year vision of change plan today.

Rottweiler Attacks Down for December

Ferocious Rottweiler barking mad on black background.
SCUNTHORPE - England - Statistics for the month of December suggest an easing off of Rottweiler attacks on the Chav populations in England and Wales.