BREAKING: Harry and Actress Throw Monarchy Under the Bus

LOS ANGELES - USA - Harry and Meghan throw the Monarchy under the bus during their choreographed Oprah exposé.

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When there’s only one side of a story delivered by an actress to a sympathetic friend about a Monarchy that cannot answer back, you can say what you want and get away with it.

Meghan is the perpetual victim in this Oprah fantasy, a Hollywoodized production piece engineered to damage Britain’s Royal family to the max.

Not one question was directed to Meghan about her own family during the choreographed performance.

Maybe the narcissist Meghan actually does have a conscience because the consequences of her bullying of staff and minor royals came back to haunt her, and she says she had ‘suicidal’ thoughts. This was a result of her power play going wrong, and it’s all about her, not the others she bulldozed over.

As for Archie, Meghan falsely claims he was not given a title because his skin could have been brown, but there are strict rules in the Monarchy going back to 1917 where letters patent were issued declaring that henceforth only the children of the sovereign, sons of sons of the sovereign and the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales would be entitles to the style of Royal Highness and the titular dignity of Prince or Princess.

One thing forgotten about any royal family, British or whatever is that purity of bloodline is a primary objective, otherwise it is not a Royal family any more. This is where the Windsors, or Saxe Coburg Gothas fell down. They attempted to accept this mixed-race Nubian exotic actress into the pure blood pool, purely on Harry’s insistence and with aspirations of liberalism, but it was doomed to failure from the start.

What Harry in fact delivered to the Monarchy was a ticking time bomb, and it finally went off last night.

The consensus is, if Harry and Meghan do not lose their Duke and Duchess ranks soon, even more damage will be inflicted on the already portsided Windsor clan by these two vindictive people. Alternatively, If they truly believe the monarchy to be so unpleasant and dangerous, and threatening to mental health, Harry and Meghan ought to resign their HRH titles and the Duchy of Sussex forthwith. Do the honourable thing for once and be free of it all.