Harry Goes Back to Same CBS Ghouls Who Broadcast Diana’s Death Photos

LOS ANGELES - USA - It is ironic that the same CBS producer who broadcast Diana's death photos is behind the Oprah, Harry and Meghan interview.

harry princess diana cbs Susan Zirinsky
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What better way to honour the memory of your long dead mother by going back to the same people who broadcast her death photos — CBS.

As Princess Diana lay crumpled up in the crashed Mercedes on that fateful night in Paris, ghoulish paparazzi jackals clicked away. The resultant photos were broadcast by CBS, under the auspices of the equally ghoulish producer, Susan Zirinsky. The same malevolent ghoul who is also producing the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan aired tonight on CBS.

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History seems to repeat itself in horrifying ways sometimes, and Harry might as well spit on Diana’s grave, coerced into the den of the people that profited off Diana’s tragic death, bedazzled by plastic celebrity and its millions of dollars of blood money.

As Prince Philip lies in hospital trying to recover from heart surgery, Harry and Meghan shrug off his plight with the same deference they hold for the memory of Diana.

When you’re making millions off your royal title in La La Land, what is one more indignity, selling out the monarchy, selling out your own dead mother, forgetting your dying grandfather, abandoning the Stoic dutiful monarchy for fleeting American celebrity?

As Princess Diana resides on that long forgotten island, her remains must be spinning in the coffin, her son, Harry, misled by a narcissistic professional grifter, has led him directly into the den of vipers that saw her own tragic end.

Enjoy your interview Harry, with the same CBS people that gloated over your own mother’s dying body for profit.