Meghan is Imitating Diana After Years of Study

SANTA BARBARA - USA - Meghan Markle has adopted to full persona and dressing style of the former Princess Diana, for her own gain.

meghan markle princess diana
Princess Meghan Diana Markle

Meghan Markle is acting in the biggest and most lucrative acting role ever — that of imitating Princess Diana.

Psychologist Miriam Levy, has analysed Markle’s actions and dressing tactics to evaluate how the actress has taken on the role of the former Princess Diana.

“Markle is a self-confessed Diana-phile and has even taken on the benevolent role of the former princess by imitating her mannerisms and dressing style to a tee. She knows this is key to keeping the inner child persona of Prince Harry happy, and safe. Psychopaths and narcissists know that they must adhere to a certain image for their mark, and as Markle has no true feelings for Harry, she is using his desire to get his mother back, by imitating his mother.

“Narcissists and schizoid personalities like Meghan Markle do not feel like normal humans, they can only imitate, and this is why Markle meticulously studied Princess Diana as a teenager onwards. She has read every book, analysed every piece of footage to act like and become her vision of Princess Diana. At the end of this, Markle’s Diana-persona is flawed because it does not come from true feelings or emotions, unlike Diana who was a real person with real emotions.

“This is why Meghan Markle, who does not have real human emotions can easily erase people from her life once they have fulfilled their role. When meeting a person for the first time, Markle immediately sees the person’s weaknesses and evaluates what use that person can be for them in social climbing circles. If they have no value for her, she immediately moves on to someone who does. She will use her mark up completely until they have nothing left to give, then move on to her next mark.

“With the unfortunate Harry, who is truly a broken person, Markle fills in the gaps of his broken personality, imitating his mother, and it is this fear of losing his ‘mother’ for a second time that is keeping him imprisoned under this controlling woman’s claws. One thing controlling narcissistic personalities do to their marks is remove them from their own families and environments, because this way they have more control over their prey. This is what Markle has done to Harry, and she is even using her Diana-personality to make the Royal Family the enemy, as was the case later on with Diana before she died tragically in a tunnel in Paris. Cults also utilise the same technique on their followers, to remove them from their families, and long term friends as a better way to control these poor people.

“My evaluation is dire for Harry, because he is completely under the spell of this charlatan woman who has conspired meticulously to use him, and his royal title, and his money to increase her own narcissistic self to higher levels. Markle has also recently tied the prince into a vast property in America, which he has been forced to payroll with his trust fund money, adding to the shackles of this false marriage, where he is not only trapped emotionally, but monetarily, standing to lose everything to Markle once she pulls the trigger. The reason Markle chose California specifically is because the divorce laws are heavily in favour of women, and many men in marriages lose over 90% of their wealth in divorce settlements. There may come a time when Harry realises what is happening, he probably sub-consciously knows what Markle is doing to him, and feels an internal resentment. He will be a lost soul for decades unless he somehow extricates himself from this manipulating unfeeling schizoid actress, who will of course dump him faster than a brick, when he wakes up to her tricks.”