This Week Meghan Markle Wants to be a Politician

LOS ANGELES - USA - Meghan Markle has announced that this week she wants to be a politician. What does she want to be next week?

As celebrity fads go, they are numerous when it comes to someone as plastic and fake as Meghan Markle.

“Last week she wanted to be an actress, the week before that a fireman, and today she has announced she wants to join the world of politics,” one of her disgruntled agents revealed on Tuesday.

Naturally, the world revolves around this pea-brained narcissistic trickster, as she engages more and more fantastical impossibilities.

What about Harry?

Well, the poor emasculated Harry is now an automaton who parrots everything from the social justice soundbite gallery and even knows all the correct hashtags if questioned.

What’s in this week? What you can’t say today, changed from last week. It’s all a virtue signalling exercise, as they travel in their loaned Learjets, and luxuriate in their vulgar grotesque freeloading mansion.

Harry has never worked a day in his life, and is frankly non-plussed by all this nonsense. Deep in his mind, he wishes he could be back in Old Blighty, but then he hears another demand and rushes to assist the gnarly witch who has him by his balless sack.

The turpitude of this mistress has to be sated at every turn, and Harry obeys in slave like manner. He used to be royal once, but here in this vile palace of inequity he is nothing but a servant to the real ruler and a mere Starbucks consumer.

Emasculated by Meghan, controlled to a point of madness, the claws are deep into his very soul, and it will be hard to escape this one, especially since he has now sired a sprog from the monster.

The mother-in-law moved in to oversee and take as much as the daughter. It’s all about taking, and leave an apple on a desk, sooner or later they will take it.

Swing low sweet chariot no more for Harry as he throws the Twickenham boys under the bus, no, Harry has been re-educated in Soviet cancel culture, and his little mind is so easily controlled he does not have a thought of his own any more.

Hurry Harry, they call him, as he scurries along the floor scooting to his controller for the next lesson in virtue signalling etiquette.

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