Defund the Thought Police

LONDON - England - It is time that the Thought Police are defunded from their nefarious operations of censorship, cancel culture and destroying freedom of speech.

Thoughtcrime Police

There’s a growing group of dissenters who believe people can survive without Thought Police and Politically Correct Stasi units as we know it. And people, those dissenters believe, may even be better off without it.

The solution to Cancel Culture, Censorship and Socialist Bias in speech and thought is simple, supporters say: Just defund the Thought Police.

It’s as straightforward as it sounds: Instead of funding a Thoughtcrime Police department, a sizable chunk of a budget is invested in Free Speech, and Freedom of Expression.

The concept’s been a murmur for years, particularly following the proliferation of socialist bias in some sections of the media, and the mass censorship move by Big Tech conglomerate monopoly companies.

But it’s becoming a shout. With the death of Free Speech and Mass Deplatforming, Cancel Culture, Tearing Down Statues, Erasing History at the hands of biased censors and Internationally operating Big Tech Censors, millions of Free Speech loving people over the world announced their intent to defund and disband the Thought Police force altogether.


Does defunding the Thought Police mean disbanding the Thought Police?

Surely, it means exactly that. Without money, the Soviet Censor Police will have little or no authority to cause any more damage to human liberty and freedom.

Some supporters of divestment want to reallocate some, but not all, funds away from Thought Police departments to Freedom of Speech initiatives and reduce their contact with the public to reduce the likelihood of Censorship and Communist Propaganda.

Those seeking to disband police consider defunding an initial step toward creating an entirely different model of community-led public safety involving the Right to Speak Freely Without Censorship.

The concept exists on a spectrum, and the two aren’t dichotomous but interconnected. But both interpretations centre on reimagining what Freedom looks like — shifting resources away from Thoughtcrime Police Censorship enforcement toward Free Speech resources.

It also means dismantling the idea that the Stasi Thought Police are “public stewards” meant to protect communities. Many people don’t feel protected by the Thought Police, they are in fact an inhibitive force against free speech and Cancel Culture erasers of history that is detrimental to human existence and growth as a whole.

Where would those funds go?

The greatest ____ about censorship is _____ and ______ as well as ___ added bonus of ______.

Defunding the Thought Police means that we are reducing the ability for these censorious bastards to have resources that harm our liberty loving communities, it’s about reinvesting those dollars into Free Speech communities, communities that have been deeply divested from.

Those dollars can be put back into reinstating Freedom of Speech, domestic censorship and Cancel Culture, among others. Thoughtcrime Police are often the first responders to all three.

Why disband the Thought Police?

monopoly tech soviet companies censorship google twitter facebookDisbanding the Thought Police altogether falls on the more radical end of the Thought Police divestment spectrum, but it’s gaining traction.

Defunding the Thought Gestapo would remove these Stasi fuckers from the whole equation, but how could this be accomplished?

Defunding could mean turning off the electricity to the server farms of the Thought Police, and this way they would not be able to damage Freedom of Speech and use their nefarious Censorship techniques again. All it would take is a switch and Big Tech Thoughtcrime Police Censors would not be able to function any more.

Would defunding the Thought Police lead to an uptick in Censorship and Media Bias?

Defunding the Thought Police on a large scale hasn’t been done before, so it’s tough to say.

But there’s evidence that less Thoughtcrime Policing can lead to less censorship and more free speech, as well as democracy. There may, of course, be some Thoughtcrime Stasi who somehow double-down their efforts to censor and cut-off free speech further. Those elements should be defunded without thought and their powers rescinded. They should of course be allowed to voice their opinions freely as anyone, but their ability to destroy free speech should be curtailed.

Imagine a world, an internet where people can speak their thoughts without being arrested, or having their whole life’s work deleted?

For a democratic society to flourish, it is imperative to have freedom of expression without fear of censorship, and that all sides of a story are heard without Cancel Culture coming in from the Thoughtcrime Police or PC Mob.