U.S. Criminals Solidly Endorse Defunding Police

CHICAGO - USA - Organised crime syndicates are welcoming the Democrat decision to defund and neuter police forces, as their criminal activities will be easy.

A consortium of criminals have solidly endorsed the defunding of police forces of America, so that their criminal activities can be completed without any resistance or prosecution.

Speaking at the consortium, master safe breaker, Ernie Monkhouse, 43, from Chicago extolled the benefits of the police defunding:

“Usually breaking into a bank’s vault takes 15 minutes minimum before the pigs arrive. Now we can take our time and the Democrats say they will send a social worker and a mental health worker to talk us down. We either shoot them in the fuckin’ head, or tie ’em up in the vault, take the millions and walk out, free as birds!”

Attendees at the consortium included many organised crime syndicates who welcomed the defunding police forces.

“I know I’d rather have a cop with no gun coming at me on a beat up bicycle after our crew brutally robs a cash transit van than a shitload of armed cops in cars. Thank you Democrats, you certainly have our vote,” one gang member quipped.

Looks like it’s going to be open season on all crime ventures in Democrat run states soon, and the crime syndicates can’t wait.

How about defunding the thought police instead?