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People Surprised That Marxist Leaning Internet Tech Monopoly Admits Leftist Bias

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Investigators have filmed executives from a left-leaning tech monopoly admitting purposeful bias against other political ideologies, and their efforts to skew general elections in their favour.


According to a crack team of investigators, a tech monopoly that controls what people can say, think and do through heavy-handed totalitarian censorship, as well as track their every movement and action and files it for eternity, is actively following a far left socialist agenda.

No! You don’t say? In other news, the Pope is rumoured to live in the Vatican, and bears enjoy having big steamy shits in the woods.

One thing’s for sure, this ‘news’ which many have known for years will not be acted on, and Trump will do nothing about it simply because he is not capable of doing anything about it, even if he may very well lose the 2020 election because he did nothing about it.

The unfortunate consequence of such investigations are that many good people are affected within these monopoly companies after such a broad based investigation. There could be a culling of jobs for those caught in the line of fire, when the real culprits will nevertheless get away because they are protected senior staff.

Naturally, there is not one mention about this ‘revelation’ on any corporate news site or on television and it will all be hushed under the carpet once again, forgotten for eternity.

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