Royal Family Look Pathetic and Defenceless Against Constant Attack

MONTECITO - USA - The British royal family will eventually succumb to irreparable damage from constant attack.

harry and meghan flag ruin the royal family

Prince Harry, and his consort, Meghan Markle, have made a sport of attacking the British royal family. The two rogue elements have successfully shown the chinks in the armour of the formerly strong Monarchical institution with their constant attacks utilising a vast North American media armoury.

The Queen, once a pillar of strength, is now viewed as an indecisive cowering old woman, someone who does not like confrontation, and a person who likes to adopt a dignified silence to the constant barrage of nasty, vindictive displays of aggression by her varlet grandson and his handlers. Maybe the quiet dignity of nonchalance may have worked in the past, however in the age of the internet and high-speed media proliferation, the Queen is sadly becoming embroiled in a visage of deep frailty and weakness.

The attacks on the Monarchy come thick and fast every day with a new revelation from Harry and Meghan, and if nothing is done to thwart this menace, then the royal family will be irreparably damaged, which is exactly what the two rogue narcissistic power-mad players ensconced in their Montecito mansion want to happen. Spurred on by the inherent American dislike of the British monarchy, a relic of the actions of George III, as well as the Marxist-driven Woke revolution, Americans are empowered and salivate at the mere thought of destroying the British monarchy.

Many people in Britain are begging the royal family to actually do something about this incessant nuisance, as it is not only a constitutional danger, but a fundamental attack on the entire British historical establishment. This sort of buggery affects the economy as well, because the royals are viewed as the ambassadors of Britain, and bring in millions per annum via tourism and all the commercial enterprises involved.

To not act in the face of danger, and attack is a sin in itself, so what can be done?

Well, as mentioned many times in the past year, the Sussex titles must be repatriated to Britain. Meghan Markle never even stepped on Sussex soil, and does not care for its people or history. Why should the people of Sussex be represented by these upstarts living in a gaudy, vulgar McMansion in Hollywood land? Furthermore, if Meghan and Harry detest the monarchy so much, in no uncertain terms, they should gladly relinquish the Sussex labels.

The British people are fed up with this fiasco, and deeply implore the royal family, or someone to act decisively, and effectively to stop these two rogue quisling imposters and their eternal parade of lies attacking the very heart of Britain’s vast traditional foundation.