Pray For America — Freedom Gives Way to Communism and Despair

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The next four years will be hell for many Americans, so the only thing to do is pray for America.

like father like son corrupt Biden Criminal Syndicate

Chinese puppet, Joe Biden will harm America irreparably with communist legislation. This is incredible, here is a father who took long inappropriate showers with his underage daughter Ashley, who is a compromised agent of the Chinese Communist Party, and is severely impacted by dementia, who has completely cheated his way into being inaugurated on the 20th January as President of the United States. Biden and his son Hunter have also been implicated in many illegal deals with companies in Ukraine and China, where they allegedly received vast sums of money in the form of backhanders for corrupt business dealings and alleged money laundering worth millions of dollars.

armed-soldiers-dc-The paranoid Democrats and their sham inauguration don’t even trust the National Guard that have been deployed to guard them. They have calculated that 90% of the National Guard are male and only 20% voted for Biden. This amount of paranoia reveals the fear amongst this group of communists is such that they fear even their own soldiers. This is why all the National Guard soldiers have now had their gun magazines confiscated by the paranoid Democrats, who know very well that they are amongst the most hated of individuals after stealing the election. This paranoid act alone proves to many how they have gained power through dishonest and nefarious means and are now fearing some kind of retribution for their crimes.

When they come for your guns, they will have smiling faces and M16-A2s.

Pray for America, for on 20th January all will be lost, and there will never be any hope for the country again as it succumbs to more corruption and Chinese influence.

This is what happens when no one did anything, they stood back and watched as outrage after outrage were committed on the constitution and electoral system.

Americans can only now wish for a quick death amongst sky-high taxes, Chinese communism enforced by the tyrannical Big Tech Stasi, and brutal persecution by the Bolshevik hatchet men.

Pray for America…for soon it will be like China.