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Things Left to Do in a Bloody Lockdown

LONDON - England - What can you do in another lockdown? Well, let us be creative and give you some ideas to while away the hours and days.

You get it, we get it, lockdown is drastically boring!

From Netflix to making your sourdough bread to Netflix again. An endless circle of slowly going insane. So what’s not done, can we get something else of this fantastic opportunity of being locked in our homes? Yes, here are some examples to escape, while not really…

Photo by Isolate Create from Pexels

Go to the zoo without leaving the house

You can view the live webcams at Edinburgh Zoo on their website. You can see pandas, penguins, tigers, and koala bears. Amazing, this will make you feel one with the caged beauty you’re watching. Enjoy and don’t try to think about the actual situation too much. Trust me.


Listen to a podcast

Watched everything on Netflix? Can’t concentrate on a book? Then why not get lost in a podcast. Pop your earphones in and get transported from your house by people who know more than others on stuff only they like. Sometimes just the stupidity of the topics can make you spend thirty minutes laughing…

national park
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Tour the USA’s greatest national parks

We might not be taking journeys anytime soon but thanks to the internet we can take our online journeys far and wide. Always wanted to visit some of the beautiful national parks in America? Then thanks to Google Earth we can. So good to drag that mouse of yours to move in space. Gives you that feeling of being there.

Audiobooks or short stories

Audible has made a huge section of their collection free. Check out their website to see if there are any you would like. Now it’s all about the narrator here. Some are amazing, some not. But imagine David Attenborough talking about murder… you have me there.

P.E with Joe Wicks

Fitness guru Joe Wicks has become the nation’s P.E teacher. Check out his videos every morning at 9 am on YouTube. Stretch, sweat, and remember that it won’t make a big difference in the end.

Gamble away bae

Make money, lose money. Who cares at this point. Get your phone and gamble time away. It’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of thought nor even registration. Like my Finnish brother in law says: “Kasino ilman rekisteröitymistä!“. I can’t say he’s sane. But man he’s a loud and happy bugger.

Photo by Şule Makaroğlu from Pexels

Relax on the beach without leaving your house

Fancy hearing the sound of the waves and looking at beautiful sandy beaches? Then check out this live beach webcam and realize how far away you are from anything alike. You might want to cry a bit here with a fan in your face. Just to get that water feel on your cheeks with a nice sea breeze.

Make a memory box

Find a box big enough to hold loads of items. Decorate the box and then fill it with lots of your favourite memories from over the last few years of freedom you had. Just to remember how times used to be.

Make a wish jar

After that memory box… you should be creative on what you want to do now. Write some things you would need to do in the future and pop them in a jar. When all of this is over you’ll probably be too lazy to do any, but it can be a good laugh to take it out when drunk with friends.

Unplug from technology

Yeah, you get it, stop scrolling. Go full bear mode and hibernate. Nobody will miss you for six months, and you won’t miss anything. Just accept it.

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