Panic Buying Lemmings Resume Supermarket Panic

LONDON - England - Panic buying has resumed once again across the nation with supermarket shelves being emptied in minutes, and large queues forming for shoppers.

panic buying Asda -Twitter
Supermarket shelves in Asda on Sunday - Twitter

We never like to say that we told you so, but it seems, we told you so. Yes, in July when everyone was on their overcrowded beach holidays and crammed into pubs getting infected with Covid-19, the DS was advising the prudent to start stocking up again while everything was relatively calm, before it was too late.

As successfully predicted to occurr in September, already supermarkets are reporting shortages in delivery slots and limits on certain items as the panic buying starts up once again.

Hospital admissions are increasing once again, and infection rates are rising at an exponential rate across the whole of the UK. There seems to be as much confusion and panic in the halls of power in Westminster as in the supermarket aisles as the sheeple realise they have been caught short once again.

Naturally, if you had stocked up on essentials months ago realising this Covid nightmare will not be over soon, you can sit back and gloat over the unfortunates now caught with their knickers down and the toilet paper shelves empty.

Despite promises of a vaccine, no one is mentioning that it is nigh on impossible to concoct a sufficient vaccine for Covid-19 and its multiple mutations, especially as it is a virus that can infect the same person multiple times, and antibodies only last for approximately three weeks after infection. Knowing this, it is probable that the coronavirus will be around for many years without any respite.