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Biden: “200 Million Americans Have Died From Coronavirus”

PHILADELPHIA. - USA - Mumbling, low energy, Joe Biden, is not only a danger to himself, but to all Americans.


Mumbling Joe Biden has a message for Americans: “200 million people have died from coronavirus in America because of Donald Trump.”

Worldwide, the global death toll is just shy of a million deaths so if 200 million people died in America, the shit just don’t add up Joe. Two hundred million people, you’re saying a third of the US population died already? Well, how come the roads are still clogged up with cars and people?

If Sleepy Joe can’t get some simple numbers right, can you trust this man in a time of war with military advisers shouting at him to press the nuke button, when on the other side people are telling him to stand down and de-escalate the situation. If the war hawks have their way, it’s goodbye from all of us, and hello mutual destruction.

America is in real danger folks, Biden is a mothballed tuxedo away from a crematorium, and his brain is a piece of jello. Do you really think this guy, who can’t distinguish between a million and a thousand is capable of intricate procedures and the stamina to rule for four years? Of course not, and maybe the Democrats know it too, especially when they shoehorn radical Marxist Kamala Harris into Biden’s place if he wins, but do Americans really want to even get to that point?

“We’re fighting for our lives out here. November will be one heck of a month, when we can choose as a nation whether we embrace communism and Marxism or Democracy with Donald Trump, who can at least string a sentence together unlike ‘Sleepy Joe’. If Trump loses, prepare for full-blown communism and alignment with China for all Americans. The country will be lost forever,” a distraught former Democrat voter revealed.

Communism is one of the most insidious political ideologies of all — it first starts off life as a little socialism here or there, but from socialism, there is the all too familiar march forward into communism and its totalitarian political form. They call it the Totalitarian Tiptoe, a little step here or there, and the people won’t notice. Slowly, slowly, does it, until it’s too late, you wake up in a communist America.

Never in America’s history has the country been under more threat from communism and Marxism as defined and adopted by the newly fanatical extreme left Democrat party than now, as the November election looms down on the country. Bring communism into the mix of a president like Joe Biden, addled with dementia, he won’t know when the radicals from his party take over everything, he will just sit back smiling like a doofus.

The Democrat party stands for violent insurrection, for looting, rioting Marxist militias financed by rogue deranged billionaire communists, whose only wish is to bring crime and discord to foment a coup on government. The Democrat party’s modus operandi is to align the USA with Communist China.

There is no other choice for patriotic Americans who want their country to survive the rioting and looting but to vote for the incumbent president, because he believes in capitalism and democracy, whereas the far left Democrats do not believe in democracy and have tried at all times to subvert, pervert American justice to destroy the American constitution and flag, as well as erase its history by rewriting the history books.

Democrats are now defined by rioting, looting and arson, and are a threat to America’s very survival. America’s enemies are rooting for the Democrats to win because they know how they will destroy America from the inside.

Real Americans must now think very hard, you must all join up and vote so that despite fraud from mail-in votes, the tally will still exceed the fraudulent votes for Biden.

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