Trump Jnr., Eric, does have a point, and his estimation that the coronavirus will suddenly, and magically disappear after the November elections when the democrats hope to win, and Brexit is halted in the United Kingdom, could seriously come into fruition.

The controllers do have a vested interest in Trump losing the November election, especially as the Teflon Don can no longer hold his vastly popular rallies to thousands of his supporters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Eric Trump, and other Trumpers know that the democrats are hoping for The Don to falter and lose the election in November because he will be denied his voice to the people.

Joe Biden eating his mush
Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden eats his dinner

Biden, who is gaff prone, and showing signs of serious dementia, is being kept away from the press as much as possible by the democrats, simply because he cannot string a coherent sentence together at the best of times, and is a gibbering mumbling creepy senile idiot who loves nothing better than to French kiss his own granddaughter.

“We can win the November election by heavily scripting Biden, pumping him with heavy doses of his meds, and keeping him away from any speech or interview,” a democrat party insider revealed, Sunday.

When Donald Trump loses the election in November, as the democrats and communists hope, the coronavirus will suddenly disappear from the media, and according to the heavily socialist controlled media houses, will have served its purpose.

“It will be mission accomplished. Coronavirus? What coronavirus? A Trump loss will mean all of that COVID-19 stuff will suddenly disappear, and you will never hear about it from our lips ever again. It has done its job, Trump got fucked, the economy got ruined, and we won,” the democrat party insider added.

Brexit perma-extension

Corruptio optimi pessima

As for the Brits, November will be an important month because it is the deadline for a trade deal with the EU, and Brexit happening, or as the globalist controllers hope, due to the coronavirus a long extension will be granted costing the UK £400 Billion a month or some other ridiculous amount.

Naturally, if the extension is granted, and Britain continues to stay under EU rule, the coronavirus will suddenly disappear, and everything will be on track for Brexit to be completely rescinded.

Our globalist overlords are thus counting on November, for the end of Trump, the end of Brexit, and for China to be welcomed back into the fold to fuck the West in the ass further, and to install global communism as modelled by the darling of the WHO, and UN — China.

Prepare for the end of Trump, the end of Brexit, and Chinese communism taking over the West as well as coronavirus magically disappearing after the very crucial month of November.

The Chinese Virus, Cui Bono?