This dismal election should never have taken place but because of the stalemate situation in parliament, and the insistence of many parliamentarians to actively block Brexit, it unfortunately is happening.

The worst surprise about the whole turgid affair is the realisation that 38% odd of the electorate, according to polls, back the communist Jeremy Corbyn, and his insane policies. This means that 38% of people in Britain who vote are communist sympathisers and actively support an anti-Semitic ex-Soviet spy who fraternises with terrorist groups and is a serious danger to national security. Fucking hell!

One would like to examine these people who support Corbyn and his evil Labour crew of miscreants. What kind of person would actively vote for the destruction of the UK’s economy and support wholesale societal collapse? Do these people not have any logical sense, or knowledge of what communism does to a nation? The sad fact is that these people are so brainwashed and controlled, they are not in control of their own minds, and follow blindly without question.

Boris Johnson, they call him a liar, but at least he is trying to get the job done, and to restore democracy in Britain, plus, is there any politician on earth who does not lie? It’s in their job interests to do so, and to do it convincingly. If a politician ever told the real truth about certain matters, there would be riots in the streets, day and night. Obviously they do not want that, and it is this reason alone that prevents them from divulging the whole truth about sensitive matters. It is part of the profession, and it will be for the next thousand years as well.

Corbyn, has been shown to be the biggest liar, by peddling hacked Russian NHS data, and staged pictures of little boys sleeping on NHS hospital floors.

You may not like the Tories that much, they do have their faults, or you may not like Boris Johnson that much, but for heaven’s sake, the alternative of a Corbyn government is too obvious an impending disaster on Britain. Furthermore, a vote to any other lesser party like the Lib Dems is simply a wasted vote, helping Labour gain seats.

Boris is the only one out of this pathetic bunch of losers that can get the job done, he stands out, and has a sincere desire to do something good for the country, as opposed to the commie miscreant Corbyn, or titty bouncing Swinton, or the militant Scottish contingent.

If you want prosperity, aspiration, and economic growth, Boris and the Conservatives are the practical choice. If you want destruction, shame, disaster and your private property confiscated by a communist collectivist government, then vote for the miserable Corbyn and his Labour party. Voting for the other smaller parties is just a wasted vote at the moment, which sadly includes the Brexit party, who should have stood down during this election. I.t is however unfortunate, the Brexit party will probably not get any seats, because they would be a useful force in parliament ensuring Brexit is completed. It is a certainty the EU under Barnier’s negotiations will be eked out for years as a delay tactic tp thwart Britain further. If Theresa May was still Conservative leader, or another Remainer, the Brexit party would have had huge success at this election.

The choice is yours, either build Britain up with the Tories, or destroy it with the Labour party. It will be on your conscience forever.