boris johnson number 10 downing street

The doom sayers, the anti-Brexit crew of dirty vagabonds, those on the EU payroll, are all now running their fat mouths at 100 MPH about how bad the situation is. That is, until they are solidly shut down by the newly incoming PM, Boris Johnson.

Amongst this Project Fear incessant negativity spewed hourly from the enemies of democracy and Brexit, comes a fleeting figure, a puff of white hair, lightning movements putting off the anti-democratic scum, Bo-Jo, an infernal jack-in-the-box ejaculating positivity over the faces of the Remoaner lepers, and their filthy boils.

It’s going to take big fat bollocks to get Britain through this one, because not only are we affected by the non-moving EU, we are confronted from within by British EU traitors on the payroll from the inside. This Churchillian creature, must decimate these foul parasites by simply bulldozing the fuckers in one go.

Boris Johnson, is a stark contrast to the now-forgotten defeatist, appeaser, dour Theresa May, who achieved nothing during her long tenure, and in fact entrenched Britain within the EU even further. She was an absolute disgrace, a shameful turd on the bowl of inequity who will go down in history as a resounding decrepit failure.

Unfortunately, Boris will be working against a majority of MPs who will try to spike his every move, and will try to deny every move towards democracy by blocking Brexit.

As Lord Haw Haw Hammond and his dastardly EU agents pack their bags, these dishonourable agents of foreign powers who were implanted into the UK’s ministries will hopefully be purged, turfed out and shown their true faces of sabotage.

Deliver Brexit, Unite the Country, Defeat Jeremy Corbyn, Energize!

Believe in Britain.