The sad part about the whole sorry affair, especially when it comes to explaining to incessant remainers who do not understand how the EU or politics works, is that many are clueless as to why they support the EU instead of democracy and sovereign freedom that Brexit provides?

children of the eu

Polls released recently reveal 94% of Remainers only followed Remain because their friends did the same. When asked what their political stance was regarding the UK and the EU, the majority replied with minimal information. One woman even said that she supported the EU because of mobile phone roaming charges, so she could download episodes of Come Dancing whilst on holiday in Benidorm, Spain. Another person said they liked the EU flag better than the British one and voted to remain in the EU.

It’s not just the uninformed, and ignorant who support remaining within the EU soviet bloc, polls revealed that die-hard remainers were predominantly university students who were avowed Marxists and communists. Naturally, these core communist remainers would be averse to leaving the collectivist un-democratic EU.

The difference between Brexiteers who know exactly why they want to leave the EU, and Remainers who are clueless as to why they want to stay, was astonishing.

“Brexiteers have a clear valid stated plan to leave the EU, their reasons for leaving are very valid logically and politically sound, whereas Remainers have no valid reason to stay in the EU apart from superficial reasons. The majority polled did not even know that the EU Commission is an unelected body of representatives who dictate what happens in the EU. Not one single Remainer could name an EU official, and even though a new EU president was instated by the EU Commission recently, not one of the Remainers could name the person. This is proof that many are simply following the Remain stance out of habit, following their friends, and following without question or reason. The word ‘Lemmings’ comes to mind, or ‘NPCs’,” one polling representative revealed.

The rest of the Remainers, who very well know why and what they are backing are parliamentarians and people who work in politics or businesses funded by the EU. Naturally we have the Lords, who receive massive pension funds from the EU, and the MPs who are tied to EU subsidies and pay-offs. Members of the CBI, and the BBC, who receive large handouts annually from the EU. All of these Remainers obviously are tied to the Brussels gravy train, and their sole reasoning for betraying their own country, is monetary.

Corruptio optimi pessima

Lord Kinnock, former vice-president of the Commission, receives an estimated £87,000-a-year EU pension. Lord Patten receives an estimated £3,800 for his five years as a commissioner. Lord Tugendhat, commissioner from 1977 to 1981, has an estimated pension of £41,000. Former Trade Commissioner Lord Mandelson receives a pension of £34,600. Baroness Ashton has also sworn an oath of loyalty to Brussels bureaucrats. Others who swore the EU oath are Baroness Ashton and Labour pair Lord Clinton-Davis and Lord Richard, with a combined EU pension payment of £90,000 a year.

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