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Boris Must Not Forget Farage

LONDON - England - If it were not for the threat of the Brexit party run by Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson would not have walked through Number 10 yesterday.

If it was not for the threat of the Brexit Party, the Tories would not have dumped Theresa May and her Remainer stich-up mob who were taking Britain down the wrong road.

This is why Boris Johnson walking through the doors of Number 10 yesterday is partly down to the ingenuity and tenacity of Nigel Farage, the true father of Brexit.

The onus is now down to Boris Johnson and his team to somehow pull off a Brexit within 99 days, and if not, then our dear friend, Mr Farage and his party will cause some major upheaval in the two-party political system.

The major problem for Boris is that the snakes and assorted monsters have been relegated to the backbenches where they will be plotting to derail every little thing he does to get us out of the EU. These assorted anti-democrats are out to thwart the will of the people and their democratic vote to leave the EU.

Further coercion for Boris comes in the form of the Speaker, Bercowe, who is aligned with Brussels, and is a staunch hater of Brexit. Where this arsehole is meant to be impartial, he is instead blatantly biased against leaving the EU, and looks for anyway to use parliamentary rules to corrupt in the favour of remainers.

The positivity of Boris Johnson in bringing Britain up from this malaise of Project Fear and the constant negativity towards Brexit will hopefully push over the morose machinery set in place during Theresa May’s awful tenure.

Throughout all of this, Nigel Farage will no doubt be watching to see what is going on, and he will be waiting in the wings either to finally push this bugger through, or smile as it goes through the impasse of a parliament that went against the voter in a wholly undemocratic rogue fashion.

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