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West Silent As Hong Kong Fights For Its Democracy

HONG KONG - While the citizens protest the loss of their freedom and democracy to the ever encroaching communist regime of China, the West watches silently and does nothing.


The arid white smoke fills the air, noxious, burning the eyes and the throat, as the Chinese Communist controlled stormtroopers bear down on the vulnerable crowd.

This is how democracy is fixed by the Communist Chinese brutes, as they beat old women with truncheons, and drag protesters away to never be seen again.

Hong Kong, is fighting for its life right now, but the West, which is supposed to be a mantel of freedom and democracy is simply watching from afar and doing nothing.

What can you do armed with just an umbrella, a bottle of water, and a desire for democracy?

Double Standards

For the West, it seems democracy comes second when it comes to dealing with China, because the economic benefit of this brutish Communist regime far supersedes the people of Hong Kong and their desire to hold on to democratic rights. The double standards of the West are shown in full force, as they are in Saudi Arabia where human rights are glazed over for lucrative military and oil deals. The same goes for China, the communist slave-labour capitol of the world, this is a place where the West outsources its manufacturing to be completed at minimal cost and sold back to the Western consumer for major profit.

Money trumps everything of course, and this is why Hollywood panders to China in much the same way. The lacklustre Hollywood movie houses receive funds from China, to create films that promote the communist state, and whitewash all their enemies.

The might of China will only be broken when the West refuses its economic bribes and its slave-led economy. Unfortunately, this will never happen as the West has now been corrupted in favour of China, and as much as Trump denies it, he and his economy is a slave to China and its bond buying.

The pathetic Trump mouths off on Twitter about some superficial ghetto rapper in a Swedish prison, whilst he stays silent about the poor citizens in Hong Kong fighting for a very honourable political ideology and their right to basic human rights which China is seeking to take away forever. Trump, as always, has no clue about what is really going on in the world.


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