Boris Johnson 10 Downing Street

Ever the joker, new PM, Boris Johnson is pulling the legs of Brexiteers with a hilarious joke about staying in the EU Customs Union and Single Market for another two years.

“He’s a clown, a joker. Here he is just playing around. There’s no way he means what he said, because he promised we would be out of the EU by October 31. You did say that didn’t you Boris, that is what we heard you say over and over again?”

Meanwhile, at the Brexit Party…

“It seems we are back in business. It has been less than a week since Boris has become PM, and he is now parroting the Maybot. The Tories may have just ruined their chances of ever being elected ever again.”

Our guess is the GBP needs a good kick up the backside and BoJo plus chums are merely playing the market a little.