haw haw Philip Hammond anti-democratic

The unashamed daily sabotage of anything to do with Brexit by Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has found delightful praise from Brussels, and Germany.

“We wish to honour Monsieur Hammond’s work in sabotaging Brexit. He has been successful in torpedoing any initiative to get out of the EU, and we especially enjoy his daily Project Fear updates,” one unelected member of the European Commission said from a luxurious 5-starred Michelin restaurant in the middle of Brussels.

Even the head of the EU, Jean Claude Juncker, praised Hammond on Tuesday.

“He can drink from my cognac jug any time, just as long as he does not backwash. After the Theresa May BRINO, we will invite them both to Brussels and present them with gold-plated EU pensions, as well as unlimited expense accounts. They have truly deserved it.”

Some say that many Remoaners are on some sort of payroll from Brussels, or receive monthly stipends discretely delivered in brown envelopes in dark alleyways, and much of the rumours are definitely true.

One only has to look at Neil Kinnock, who gets £90,000 per annum from the EU. Kinnock is obviously a staunch Remoaner, as is Peter Mandelson who receives £35,000 per annum from the EU. Then we have other Remoaners who have also tried to thwart Brexit, people like Lord Patten who receive £40,000 per year from Brussels. These figures do not include other expenses billed to EU taxpayers, adding on thousands of pounds.

Remoaner, Philip Hammond is obviously set for large payments as will the other swine with their noses firmly in the EU trough.

There is nothing patriotic about Remoaners, they simply want to make money, and selling off Britain’s democracy as well as its freedom from the shackles of the EU is frankly not something they are interested in at all — it’s just about the money.