Please Someone or Something Stop This Theresa May Fiasco

LONDON - England - Enough is enough, even the Tory hierarchy who have been keeping this loser in place have to see the light, Theresa May has to go.

How much can the people take? Someone or something has to get rid of Theresa May, please wherever you are or whoever you are, if you have the power to put an end to this charade please fucking do it.

There comes a time when enough is enough, and even Theresa May must know this by now, how has this grotesque monstrosity survived this long anyway?

If Theresa May had the decency she would go of her own volition, but we all know how these people work, they are deluded to such a point that they are ultimately blind to the reality of the situation.

We want you to go. Now go please, quietly, and let someone who is a Brexiteer steer Britain out of the EU. We are in this mess now because May is a Remainer, who appointed Remainers in 90% of the positions of power.

One step forward, five steps backward into the EU is not a Brexit, and Bercow has seen to it that there will not be a third vote on the PM’s turd of a deal.

May can call for an extension but will it be granted? Could Italy save the UK, and veto?

Before we proceed with a real Brexit, the PM must be replaced. This is the only way.