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Conservative Party Hierarchy Solely to Blame For Theresa May

LONDON - England - The hierarchy of the Conservative party who instated Remainer PM, Theresa May to conduct the Brexit process, are to blame for the utter mess the country is in right now.

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Time and time again, we have seen the cause of all of this, we have diagnosed where the tumor resides, yet the people who appointed this nightmare have been lax to its origin, they have simpered and blubbered away, ignorant that the cause of this malaise is in Theresa May.

Here is a Prime Minister who dared to present an EU deal not only once but twice that was a complete capitulation to the EU, and she expected MPs to vote for it. Theresa May’s deal was NOT Brexit, and this is why it was not voted in.

The jolly fellows at the 1922 Committee all clap and cheer when May enters the room, when in reality they should spit on the floor, grab her by her scrawny neck and play billiards with her severed head.

The odious people who appointed Theresa May in the first place knew what would happen, they planned this scenario all along, and they are the hierarchy remainers who run the party.

Theresa May is a puss filled suppurating zit so bulbous, a mere touch will make it explode over her cracked mirror, her term will be remembered as the worst in hundreds of years of politics, a stain that not only managed to eek out a relatively simple negotiation but allowed enough time for all the plotters and treasonous remainers to create impenetrable barriers to Brexit.

What has the silly fucking nag done now? Yes, she has given a free vote to parliament to disable a Clean Brexit, thus thwarting Britain’s last chance to exit the EU with any form of dignity, instead the country will now be plunged into No Man’s Land, a sort of purgatory reserved for entities with no hope or direction.

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